WATCH: Jaguars Josh Allen scores go-ahead scoop-and-score touchdown against the Titans

Andrew Graham01/07/23
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Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars
(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)

Josh Allen scored a touchdown in an NFL game over the weekend. No, not that one — Jaguars edge rusher and former Kentucky star Josh Allen scored a go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter against the Tennessee Titans in a critical divisional matchup on Saturday night.

With the Titans leading by three and in possession, for Miami safety Rayshawn Jenkins came around the edge and knocked the ball free from Titans quarterback Josh Dobbs as he started to throw. It popped out toward the right sideline where Allen vacuumed it up.

A short sprint down the sideline and the Jaguars held a 20-16 lead with the extra point as the game crept toward the two-minute warning.

It could end up as a critical touchdown, as the Jaguars are playoff bound with a win – and vice versa for the Titans.

WATCH: Joe Buck hilariously mocks Titans player’s ridiculous decision vs Jaguars

Titans receiver Treylon Burks made a strange decision on a play trying to pick up a first down, drawing criticism from Joe Buck on commentary. With the score tied in the first quarter at 0-0, Burks caught a pass well short of the first down and attempted a very risky move instead of just gaining the yards available to him.

The resulting play left Buck confused in real time, leading to him accidentally letting out a mocking tone on his breakdown of the play.

As Burks was going to the ground, he appeared to fling the ball towards the sideline to a teammate in order to let them pick up the first down. Unfortunately, the ball went forwards on its path and was flagged for a forward pass on the play while Buck and Troy Aikman attempted to unpack what they had just seen.

They were quick to point out the strangeness of the play in general, lending some weight to their theory that the play was designed with the lateral throw in mind — taking the burden of a bad decision off of Burks. The decision to throw the ball seemed even more confusing as the Titans were in field goal range at the time, with a potential penalty or fumble able to cost them a good try at a kick.

Luckily for Tennessee, the play didn’t result in anything worse than a five-yard penalty for the attempt and they were able to make the 51-yard field goal attempt on the following play to take a 3-0 lead.