What might Auburn basketball look like next season?

On3 imageby:Justin Hokanson03/23/23


On3 image
(Hancock/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

Following a 21-win season and another NCAA Tournament appearance, Auburn basketball could look very different heading into next season, or it might not look that different at all. That's the nature of modern day college sports when you take into account the transfer portal and NIL opportunities available, and Auburn is no different. One thing to keep in mind throughout is this: things are very fluid. Every college basketball program is dealing with similar things, but this time of year is fluid in terms of roster management. And here's another thing to keep in mind when it comes to transfers. Every season, Bruce Pearl and his staff will seek the best transfers available that fit the specific needs needed at the moment. Transfers aren't necessarily brought in to be a three-year answer. That's possible, but not always doable. That's important to keep in mind. Having said all that, let's talk about this Auburn basketball roster.