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Amorion Walker dishes on return to Michigan, names NFL player he wants to emulate

Anthony Broomeby:Anthony Broome06/12/24


Michigan Wolverines wide receiver Amorion Walker is back with the team after spending his winter at Ole Miss, transferring out as a cornerback. A few short months later, he is running it back in Ann Arbor and is set to play his desired position at wideout.

Speaking at Will Johnson’s camp in Detroit a few weeks back, Walker went into his decision and why he ultimately landed back at U-M.

“It was pretty much just the team, the camaraderie, the guys, the coaches…I just love being here,” Walker said. “I felt like something was missing. I feel like I didn’t get the most out of myself here these last couple of years. I just felt real love here, it’s something I can’t get anywhere else.

“I’m ready to get to it, I jumped right back in and it felt like putting on an old pair of shoes I haven’t worn in a while, so it feels good.”

Michigan attempted to turn him into a cornerback last year, but it never quite clicked. Had it come to fruition, he would have been a rare athlete for the position. With some depth needed at wide receiver, he is getting a crack to play the spot he wants to play at the school he wants to be a part of.

It does hurt that now he has a little experience knowing what the players he will go up against tend to do.

“I’m gonna say [playing cornerback is] gonna help me a hell of a lot,” Walker said. “Playing defense, you look at it through a different lens. And what you not feel so good about, or the things you feel good about in the areas or what pushes you the wrong way when you’re back there. And I just kind of know all those tips, and how I’m gonna approach the game and attack guys. I think it’s gonna help me a lot.”

“Ever since I’ve been back in the building, everybody has been greeting me back and just giving me that love I was talking about. It just felt like home. So it’s been good so far.”

There has not been a rough adjustment process back to his school other than getting up to speed on what he missed in spring football. Michigan has a singular mission of getting back to the College Football Playoff and winning it all, and his teammates respected both decisions Walker made this offseason.

“I wouldn’t say [there was a re-adjustment period] because I already knew where I was with all the guys before I left and coaches. So it was mutual. It’s really just what was best for me and they respected that. And then when I came back, they respected that even more.”

Walker, who wants to emulate former Clemson star and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins, wants all aspects of his game to be well-rounded. He will have a shot to compete for a role if everything comes together according to plan.

“I feel like I was a good route runner, but I want to improve my route running,” Walker admitted. “Just every aspect of my game from being fundamental to technique to discipline in certain situations. Just being a smart football player. I want to be all around and top it all the way off. So I’m working on everything.

Here’s what we said about Walker’s re-addition after he committed in April:

Standing at 6-3, 180, Walker possesses elite athletic traits and short-area movement skills that could make him a talented wide receiver. He is still a project and should be seen as a player entering his second season of development at a position as opposed to a college junior, which is typically where players take off. But as an X-receiver that can take the top off the defense and compete for a role in the rotation, this is a potentially good re-addition. If Charleston is the insurance policy, then Walker’s return is a lotto ticket. It could pay out big, but it is good to have him there competing regardless.

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