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Newsstand: New Michigan basketball assistant Mike Boynton Jr. tweets 'go blue'

clayton-sayfieby:Clayton Sayfie04/13/24


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Tweets Of The Day

Michigan Wolverines basketball hasn’t officially announced the addition of its staff under new head coach Dusty May, but one of the hires — former Oklahoma State head coach Mike Boynton Jr. — has posted on social media to reflect that he’s now working in Ann Arbor.

“The time has arrived. Here. We. Go… Onward and Upward,” Boynton posted. “#GoBlue

Former Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh was back in Ann Arbor for U-M’s pro day last month. It was quite the scene when he and running back Donovan Edwards reuinted.

A look at Michigan quarterback prospect J.J. McCarthy’s touchdown into a tight window at Michigan State. McCarthy was sensational with 358 passing yards and 4 touchdowns versus the Spartans.

“Was just a real high trust level that J.J.’s going to make the play,” Harbaugh said at the time. “Yeah, they’ve got the perfect defense called. One was a really well time blitz, got home. Must have been seven guys in the backfield, and somehow he got out. He looked like ooze the magnificent on that one. Incredible. And then he’s just so dangerous when he’s out of the pocket. Keeps his eyes downfield and hits the open receiver or runs it himself. It’s a double edged sword with J.J. McCarthy. He is the double-edged sword. He can beat you in so many ways.”

Quote Of The Day

“Being loud, being a dominant player and being a leader, just like he was for the whole defense. It’s kinda tough to be able to replicate what he did, but I’m trying to follow in the footsteps. I try to take some things that he’s done. I want to be a leader, just like how he was, but make it in my style. So, if we had a bad practice or something like that, he’d bring up the whole defense and say, ‘We gotta get it going,’ and things like that. So I just take things and how he did things and try to put my own style on it.”

— Michigan junior defensive back Zeke Berry on what he took from Mike Sainristil and how he’s attempting to become more of a leader on the defense

Headlines Of The Day

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