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Michigan CB Will Johnson is the highest-rated player in EA Sports College Football 25, four teammates also in top-100

Anthony Broomeby:Anthony Broome07/10/24


Michigan Wolverines junior cornerback Will Johnson is the top-ranked player in the new EA Sports College Football 25 video game at 96 overall, according to a top-100 released by the game’s marketing team on Wednesday morning.

Joining Johnson with 96 ratings are LSU defensive tackle Will Campbell and Oklahoma State running back Ollie Gordon. Four other Wolverines made the top-100 with defensive tackle Mason Graham (95 overall) at No. 8, tight end Colston Loveland (92 overall) at No. 33, cover athlete and running back Donovan Edwards (91 overall) at No. 49 and defensive tackle Kenneth Grant (91 overall) at No. 55.

Player ratings are said to be determined in part by data from Pro Football Focus, but the full criteria is not known. There will be updates to the roster in-season to account for breakout players and increase player and team ratings.

Johnson’s attributes rate out as a 92 in speed, 95 in acceleration, 74 in strength, 94 in awareness and 92 in jumping ability.

Graham’s speed is 76, acceleration at 85, strength at 95, awareness at 95 and jumping at 79.

Loveland’s speed is set at 87, acceleration at 91, strength at 77, awareness at 88 and jumping at 90.

Edwards is a 92 in speed, 96 in acceleration, 74 in strength, 93 in awareness and 87 in jumping.

Grant is a 71 in speed, 78 in acceleration, 97 in strength, 92 in awareness and 73 in jumping ability.

I’m cool with [a 91 rating],” Edwards told The Wolverine from a signing event in Detroit on Tuesday. “I’m cool with that. I thought it would be higher, though. Maybe like a 93 bare minimum, but I’m cool cause I got time to get it up.”

The game releases worldwide on July 19, but those who buy the deluxe edition get three-day early access that begins on July 16. Edwards graces both covers and has been featured prominently in the game’s marketing, including a gameplay video posted by the developer earlier this week.

Some of the staples of the series return in a built-up from-the-ground game. Dynasty Mode returns, where players are able to create a coach and take over any one of the 134 FBS programs featured in the game or a created team of the user’s choosing, whether it be Michigan or elsewhere. Recruiting will include both the high school ranks and the transfer portal.

Also returning is Road To Glory mode, where gamers can create a player and take on the life of a college football athlete while living the campus experience. They are also able to enter the transfer portal.

Home-field advantage will also be in the game, which includes road team’s performances fluctuating based on the venue they are in with screen shaking, icons missing from the pre-play functions and inaccurate play art.

New modes to the series include Road To The College Football Playoff, an online feature that can be played across both consoles. There will also be an Ultimate Team mode similar to the Madden series where players can compile a team of current and former stars.

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