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Newsstand: J.J. McCarthy on the amount of NFL he watches

Anthony Broomeby:Anthony Broome09/26/23


The Michigan Wolverines are out to a 4-0 start due in large part to the play of junior quartebrack J.J. McCarthy. McCarthy is not quite the NFL junkie that some might expect for someone with pro aspirations, though.

McCarthy was asked about the league during his Monday press conference, where he revealed he does not partake in a ton of NFL watching.

“I really don’t watch much. I’ll turn it on here and there if it’s a big game, or if I’m watching my Bears — been struggling a little bit,” McCarthy said with a laugh. “Yeah, I don’t watch it too much. But it’s just always really cool to see guys that I look up to just perform each and every Sunday and just try to take tidbits from them and there. But usually what I look at with the pro games is throughout the week — I’ll turn on the tape and just go back through and really see the all-22 and that helps me out tremendously over just watching the TV cut up.”

Recently, McCarthy was asked the NFL quarterback he emulates the most while leading Michigan. He is a major fan of Cincinnati Bengals signal-caller Joe Burrow.

“Joe all the way,” McCarthy said. “He’s been my guy since he got at LSU. When he had that year I knew he was gonna it just proved me right. Joe was definitely my guy then, and now.”

Michigan’s next test comes in the form of a road trip to Nebraska on Saturday afternoon, set for a 3:30 p.m. ET kickoff on FOX.

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“I was watching [the Ohio State–Notre Dame game]. My wife got this YouTube TV,” Jim Harbaugh said. “It’s like half the price of DirecTV. No offense DirecTV, but we’re over there at YouTube TV now. There must be 150 games to watch. So, I’m in Hog Heaven Saturday night, watching those games.

“Watching a lot of them, and then you can go back and watch them again if you didn’t watch the one. It’s like taped for you right there. So, I don’t know if I learned anything, but just bouncing around, watching a lot of football.”

– Jim Harbaugh on discovering YouTube TV while watching other college football games

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