Wolverine TV podcast: Michigan football not taking bait as OSU week kicks off

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The Michigan Wolverines kicked off Ohio State week on Monday with a press conference involving head coach Jim Harbaugh, offensive coordinator/offensive line coach/acting head coach Sherrone Moore and players.

Typically, reporters will make the trip and look for that juicy soundbite that could serve as motivation for either side of the rivalry. Michigan wasn’t taking that bait on Monday afternoon.

TheWolverine.com’s Anthony Broome, Chris Balas and Clayton Sayfie were present for it and discussed that and other storylines as we kick off the most anticipated week of the year.

“I thought that probably the highlight was Jim Harbaugh being asked about his level of respect for Ryan Day, obviously there are reports out there that he was potentially behind the private investigative firm that basically started this NCAA investigation into Michigan,” Sayfie said. “Harbaugh basically pivoted right off of that initially and started talking about how everything other than the preparation for the Ohio State game is irrelevant this week. They got to use every minute, every hour of every day towards Ohio State. And he’s right.

“I thought that was very interesting. And as somebody on Twitter put it basically, Jim Harbaugh will tell you who he respects. He is not afraid of talking about the other coaches or other teams and how much he respects them and he’ll go on and on and on. But this one, he didn’t even touch the question at all, which I think, was pretty telling.

“Given the circumstances right now and everything that’s going on, I would not blame Jim Harbaugh one bit if he has very little respect for those guys down there.”

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