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Michigan quarterback Jack Tuttle cleared to return for 2024 season

Anthony Broomeby:Anthony Broome02/17/24


The Michigan Wolverines quarterback room is set to look a lot different without J.J. McCarthy in 2024, but a key figure returns in Jack Tuttle. His waiver to return for a seventh year of college football was approved, he announced Saturday night.

Tuttle, formerly at Utah and Indiana, transferred to Michigan last offseason and ultimately won the backup quarterback job behind McCarthy. Now, he will have a shot to compete for the starting job in spring football under new head coach Sherrone Moore.

Tuttle was set to return to the program one way or another, either as a player or grad assistant. Last season, he completed 15-for-17 passes for 130 yards and a touchdown to first-year wideout Karmello English against Indiana. He also had four rushes for 35 yards on the season.

“He’s seen a lot of football,” offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Kirk Campbell said at the Rose Bowl. “He’s been in three programs, seeing what has worked, what has not worked. I think that’s been valuable for our room. Then he’s mature. He’s so mature. It’s just great for the other guys to see and build off of.”

Campbell also said that the room as a whole made a ton of progress during Michigan’s 15-0 run to a national championship.

“Every single one in that room has taken a step way in the positive direction,” Campbell said. “I can go way down the line. I’ll just start going down the list. Jack Tuttle, is a veteran guy who came from this spread offense and coming into more of an under-center, play-action, pro-style offense. So just learning a lot there. Alex Orji, his fundamentals, footwork and timing has been insane in his development.

Jayden Denegal might be the most improved player on the entire roster. Great accuracy and a huge future for him. Then you throw in Davis Warren, he went through some injuries this year, but his footwork. Cleaning up some of that stuff and he’s playing on time and playing as confident and fast as you can.

“So summarizing that all, it would be the confidence of the group. Understanding pre-snap what we’re going to probably get post-snap and be able to execute once that ball is snapped.”

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