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WATCH: Michigan WR Semaj Morgan talks spring practices

clayton-sayfieby:Clayton Sayfie04/11/24


Semaj Morgan On Stepping Up As Leader, 'Don't Kick It To Us' As Punt Kick Returners Michigan

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Michigan Wolverines football sophomore wide receiver Semaj Morgan met with the media Thursday afternoon at Glick Fieldhouse. Watch video of Morgan in the player at the top of the screen.

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Morgan discussed how spring practices have gone so far.

“Spring ball, man, has been great,” the wideout said. “It’s been a great couple weeks for us, really. It’s been real chippy, it’s been real energetic at practice, real competitive. And I just love that about our team. We got a lot of dawgs on our team, and it’ll be fun to see us play come fall time.”

Michigan lost a lot from its wide receiver room last season, and Morgan is one of the most productive players that’s back, even though he’s still technically a freshman in college. He was asked if he feels like one of the veterans already.

“I’m very young, yes, but I do kind of feel like a veteran, because I did play last year. I played a lot of minutes last year. And a lot of coaches, a lot of my teammates are looking to me as a leader. This year, I’m really focused on trying to step up and become the type of leader by example. That’s something that I took from [former Michigan defensive back] Mike Sainristil — leading by example. I feel like that’s very important to do.”

Morgan was asked about having so many different quarterbacks vying for Michigan’s starting job and how that has impacted the wide receivers with their chemistry and their collective growth.

“Practice has been really good,” Morgan said. “We’ll be at practice, every quarterback is throwing great balls, I’ll be catchin’ ’em, so I’m just glad that they do their thing in practice. And I just can’t wait for the season, because I’m excited for every one of those guys.”

Morgan was asked about how the rest of Michigan’s wide receivers are looking this spring.

“To be honest with you, the whole receiver room, our whole receiver room, [wide receivers] Coach [Ron] Bellamy has made it very important to us to [give] effort, effort, effort,” Morgan explained. “We all just play hard. We go out there, practice hard, play hard. We run a lot as receivers, so in practice, we’ll be tired. But we all are hungry. We’re all in the building, extra hours, looking over plays, looking over drawings and things like that. I feel like our whole receiver room is stepping up, because really all of us are young. Everybody is going to have to step up because we had two older guys this past year in CJ [Cornelius Johnson] and Roman [Wilson]. So, I feel like the whole room is stepping up and we’re going to be really good once the season comes.”

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