Podcast: Balas and Skene on Michigan vs. Ohio State, win over Maryland, Jim Harbaugh, more

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Balas And Skene Show November 20

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh kept the focus on Ohio State at his Monday press conference, speaking for only nine minutes before interim coach Sherrone Moore took over. The coach wouldn’t talk about losing Chris Partridge Friday, the decision to accept the Big Ten’s suspension after all, or anything else, choosing instead to talk about the upcoming game with the Buckeyes.

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“We are in position to be in position. That’s what we know,” Harbaugh said. “We’re 11-0. They’re 11-0. And everything, all focus and preparation is on this game, as it should be.”

Asked what this would mean for the short and long term success of the program, he didn’t bite.

“I don’t have a crystal ball,” Harbaugh continued. “It’s all about this game. That’s where our focus is. Getting prepared, ready to execute. I think our team is battle tested and is going to be tough to beat. I’m looking forward to it. 

“… All the focus is on Ohio State. I can say that as many times [as you need] … that’s just where we’re at. That’s the focus. That’s part of the life lesson, to focus on the task in front of you. When you’ve got a task in front of you, a big task, you’ve got to use every day, hour, minute. Plan, practice, get yourself right, in position to go out there and play to the best of our ability.”

It will be a short week for the Wolverines, but at least they’ll be without as much distraction. They’ve already started watching film on the Buckeyes, and on Thursday many of them will be with their families for Thanksgiving, Harbaugh noted.

“We’ll practice thanksgiving, then everybody will have an opportunity to enjoy the day with their families. Most of the time families come in town, and those that don’t go with another family,” he said. “They’re invited to practice. It’s always a great day. 

“Well stay on course. One thing about the noise … it starts to be tolerated, and it just gets blocked out. Staying that course. Staying on a high road shortens that time to make that happen. 

TheWolverine.com’s Chris Balas and former Michigan All-Big Ten offensive lineman Doug Skene discuss Harbaugh and his situation, the OSU and Maryland games, and more.

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