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Podcast: Doug Karsch joins Balas and Skene to talk Michigan football

Chris Balasby:Chris Balas06/12/24


Chris Balas & Former Ol Doug Skene Are Joined By The Voice Of Michigan Football, Doug Karsch

Doug Karsch, the voice of Michigan football, has called only one loss in his two years behind the microphone — a setback to TCU in a national semifinal. He’s seen two Big Ten championships and a national championship and will be at it again this fall with color commentator Jon Jansen next to him.

Karsch and Skene weighed in on the Michigan defense, the quarterback competition, and more in today’s podcast. Head coach Sherrone Moore told us a few weeks back that whoever is behind center, the mission is the same — complementary football that allows them to win, whether it’s by one point or 20.

“We’re always going to be collaborative, and we’re always going to play a team game,” Moore said. “Regardless of who’s calling the plays, we’re going to feed off of each other and make sure we do it that way.

“Nobody’s just trying to score 8 million points. They always have these stats or this or that, but the ultimate goal is to win, and we’re going to do everything we can to win. It’s great to have play callers on both sides of the ball, and the cool thing is on defense, we’ve got all the guys that call plays. It’s cool to have that input in the room with those guys … we’re just ready for ready to take it day by day and, and see where the process takes us.”

The Michigan coach wouldn’t say whether he’d help offensive coordinator Kirk Campbell call plays, only saying, “we’ll see.” But it’s clear it’s an option.

As for the quarterbacks — he wouldn’t talk about them, either. He’s confident in his receivers, though, despite having to replace Roman Wilson and Cornelius Johnson.

“We feel good about the guys like Tyler Morris and Semaj Morgan and Fred Moore and all those guys,” Moore said. “I’m super stoked with them, and Kendrick Bell is another guy that I’m excited about.

“They’re good, and obviously when you’ve got a tight end like Colston Loveland, you’ve got a great receiver body there, as well.

The two Dougs offered their opinions on where the quarterback competition was headed, the future of the program, and much more. Listen here in today’s Michigan football podcast.

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