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The latest edition of Michigan football and hoops Chat, brought to you by MyPerfectFranchise. Join us in chat here: MAY 11 CHAT

Michigan football is back at it in preparation for the fall season, having just completed its annual spring trip. The Wolverines boast talent at every position, and offensive line coach and coordinator Sherrone Moore has high expectations for his offense in 2023.

He’s ready to take another leap himself as a coordinator, now the Michigan man in charge by himself.

“I think the big thing for me, because I was never a guy who let other people do work for me, is trying to be a delegator a little bit more,” the Michigan coordinator said. “Allowing guys to do different things and do different jobs and loosen that up for me.

“It helps when you have an outstanding staff. It’s easy for me to say, ‘You do this, you do this,’ and let me look at the whole picture, because the staff is phenomenal and amazing to be around, and better coaches. I’d put them up with anybody in the country, whether it’s Xs and Os, whether it’s hanging out, talking, drinking beers. Whatever it is, this group is outstanding, and I’m very excited to work with this group.”


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Sherrone Moore: Elite line play is now ‘the standard’ at Michigan … talks center battle, more

On the basketball side, Michigan coach Juwan Howard and his staff continue to explore the transfer portal in hopes of finding more help. U-M still trying to figure things out on the NIL front, especially for basketball, but they’ve made a lot of progress with the ’24 and ’25 classes on the recruiting front, too … is a pledge imminent?

We talk about that and more in today’s chat.


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