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The Flagship: Ole Miss football, Paul Finebaum and reverse rat poison

Ben Garrettby:Ben Garrett07/10/24


Lane Kiffin has a hater in SEC Network analyst Paul Finebaum.

“Everyone in the media is in love with Lane Kiffin,” Finebaum said last week during an interview with Tulsa World. “They think he’s hilarious. I don’t think he’s that funny. I don’t think his tweets are that interesting.”

Finebaum even said Kiffin’s coaching is ‘underwhelming at times.’

To be fair, Kiffin is, without a doubt, one of the most high-profile (active) college football head coach (read: trolls) on ‘X,’ the platform formally known as Twitter. No one is seemingly off-limits, either, not even fellow SEC coaches or Finebaum himself.

Amidst it all, Ole Miss has won at an unprecedented rate in the modern era. The Rebels have the third-best record in the SEC since Kiffin took over some five years ago. They have the sixth-best odds to win the national championship next season.

Zach Berry (Ole Miss Spirit/ and Grayson Weir (Bro Bible) discuss the war or words in this Tuesday (July 9, 2024) edition of ‘The Flagship,’ powered by College Corner.

Paul Finebaum: 2024 season will be a failure if Ole Miss, Lane Kiffin miss the College Football Playoff

Oh, and Ole Miss baseball can’t stay out of the headlines.

The Rebels rebounded from a tumultuous week in the portal with a flurry of commitments, including Louisville outfielder Isaac Humphrey on Monday.

“They’ve got to get some pitchers, they’ve got to get some arms. Offensively I like some of the pieces they’ve added so far,” Berry said.

Next up is the MLB Draft. Ole Miss is likely to lose signee Slade Caldwell. However, the Rebels could bring back a number of accomplished pitchers and veterans, among them Hunter Elliott.

“You’re looking good on offense here,” Weir said. “You’re adding Ryan Moerman (Illinois), who was great in the Big 10, and adding (Mitchell) Sanford (UNO) and Humphrey. That’s great, and (Luke) Cheng (Illinois State) comes in and likely moves Luke Hill to second base. 

“The lineup is starting to come together. But then the issue is the lineup was pretty good last year.”

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