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Penn State players ramp up excitement for new Lasch Building weight room as work progresses

Greg Pickelby:Greg Pickel05/25/22


STATE COLLEGE — The Penn State football program will soon have a brand new, state-of-the-art weight room and training facility inside of its Lasch Building headquarters.

Work is still not expected to be completed on the expansion for a few months still. However, there have been clear signs of progress between the end of spring practice and now. And, that is a very exciting fact for Penn State players who signed in the Class of 2021 just after the project’s financing was approved. They spoke to the media for the first time as members of the program Wednesday. Many topics came up, and their soon-to-be new training facility was certainly one of them.

“I’m extremely excited,” corner Jeffrey Davis Jr. “They’re making a lot of progress right now. Like I can remember a few months ago when it was nothing. And, now it almost looks complete to me. But yeah, it’s amazing getting in there and seeing what they got to offer.

“I’m excited most about getting in there by myself or with a few guys and get our extra work and just utilizing all the new equipment.”

Added receiver Harrison “Trey” Wallace

“New equipment, expansion; we’ll have turf in there, so we won’t have to come outside. We can do everything inside, like on a rainy day. Everything will be in there that we need.”

For now, work continues for Penn State in Holuba Hall

Penn State moved all of its weight room equipment out of the Lasch Building and into nearby Holuba Hall after the regular season ended. Work has been going on there ever since. It’s a tight space, no doubt, but has been maximized by new head strength coach Chuck Losey and his staff.

That doesn’t mean the players aren’t looking forward to moving on from their temporary home, however.

“I’m excited to get our weight room back,” Penn State offensive lineman Landon Tengwall said with a laugh. “Obviously, I love to be able to go in there. I’m excited. I didn’t even know we were going to have glass to just look out on the field (see photo above). It’s going to be really nice.

“I’m excited. I love the weight room. I’m normally in it like every single day, even if you know, we’re not in there. I’m really excited for that to be finished.”

When all is said and done, the multi-million dollar project at Penn State includes not just an expanded weight training facility but also “performance enhancement equipment upgrades.” It will also have “The “5th Quarter Program,” which is designed to help student-athletes successfully transition from high school to college, and then from college to the professional ranks through life skills and education program,” and “sports medicine upgrades,” per a news release. It is expected to be ready by the end of the summer.

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