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Penn State product Ki-Jana Carter 'long overdue' for spot in College Football Hall of Fame: Newsstand

Greg Pickelby:Greg Pickel06/07/24


Penn State. news, notes, and updates for June 7 include a case for Ki-Jana Carter to make the College Football Hall of Fame, headlines of the day, and more.

It’s time to dive into Friday’s top tweets and headlines about the Nittany Lions and college athletics.

Penn State tweets of the day

We start with Will Backus’ list of former college football standouts who are on the 2025 College Football Hall of Fame ballot and have a case to get in. Carter is on the list for voters to pick from his year along with DJ Dozier. It’s the former who the CBS Sports writer believes is long overdue for having a spot among the sports’ greats in Atlanta.

“Even on Penn State teams loaded with NFL talent and an offense that consistently ranked among the nation’s best in multiple areas, Carter found a way to stand out,” Backus writes. “He burst onto the scene as a sophomore in 1993 and rushed for 1,026 yards and seven touchdowns in 11 games. He finished second in 1994 Heisman Trophy voting with 1,539 yards rushing and 23 touchdowns.

[Carter] was also co-MVP of that year’s Rose Bowl after rushing for 156 yards and three touchdowns, putting a bow on Penn State’s last undefeated season. He cut his college career short to pursue professional dreams and is still the last running back to be selected No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft.”

College Football Hall of Fame voting takes place throughout the year. The Class of 2025 selections are to be announced before December.

Headlines of the day

End of the ‘analyst army’? Why revenue sharing could curb college football’s off-field staff swell: Talty, CBS Sports

New Penn State pick logged in On3’s Recruiting Prediction Machine: Snyder, BWI

Inside Penn State OC Andy Kotelnicki’s unconventional path from Division III to Happy Valley: McGonigal, PennLive

3 questions facing the Penn State receivers entering summer: Pickel, BWI

The Penn State Introductory Guide to Conference Expansion: Oregon: Jones,

Buzzworthy: Penn State OC Andy Kotelnicki plots path to offensive improvement: Bauer, BWI

Quote of the day

“You have to have a diverse, multifaceted gameplan to attack everyone, so that it’s not just, ‘Hey Drew Allar better be on today.’ It’s not fair to him. Everyone deserves a margin of error. Everyone deserves, especially at the quarterback position, I’ve heard people call it a ‘smoke break.’ The quarterback deserves to have a smoke break every once in a while when other players help him. Not necessarily saying that he needs it or any position, I’m just saying, we want to be balanced.

“People think about balance in run and pass or maybe who touches the ball and there’s distribution there. But we want to be balanced also in how much stress or responsibility relies on every position or player. That’s like a holistic deal that you have to be able to do.”

–PSU OC Andy Kotelnicki to BWI.

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