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University Book Store Purdue Sports Headlines: July 9

Karpick_headshot500x500by:Alan Karpick07/09/24

AlanKarpick Saturday Simulcast: July 6, 2024

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Quotes of the Day

More Purdue alumni Summer League info –
Athlon’s predictions – On3

Boilermakers Beyond Borders–The Costa Rica trip – Persistent Pursuit

Boilermaker Birthdays: July 9

Bryan Madden (1969) Defensive Tackle, Football
Cindy Lamping (1973) Guard, Women’s Basketball
Brian Wang (1982) Offensive Tackle, Football
Hannah Anderson (1982) Forward, Women’s Basketball
Ryan Bucher (1983) Linebacker, Football
Thomas Meadows (1994) Kicker, Football
Luke Staton (1999) Liinebacker, Football
Allen Daniels (1999) Defensive Tackle, Football

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