Paul Finebaum: Putting Alabama in the College Football Playoff was the right decision

On3 imageby:Sam Gillenwater12/03/23


With a win over Georgia in the SEC Championship, Alabama was able to jump into the top four and make the College Football Playoff. Regardless of how it looks to some, Paul Finebaum completely concurred with the committee’s decision to put the Tide in

Finebaum kept it very straightforward with his take on ‘The Matt Barrie Show’ on Wednesday. He said it was definitely the right call after Alabama beat Georgia this weekend and that their only loss came to a team that also ended up in the playoff.

“It was the right decision,” said Finebaum. “I know that there’s been a lot of rhetoric spewed by many, well-being people. But this is the only way that you could have done it.”

“I’ll spare the audience all of the talking points that you’ve all had literally driven down your throat. You go out there and you beat the No. 1 team in the country? And your only loss is the No. 3 team? I don’t know how they could have done anything else,” said Finebaum.

This all came down to Florida State vs. Alabama. The Seminoles were an undefeated champion out of the ACC while the Crimson Tide were a one-loss champion out of the SEC.

Hairs were likely split between the two until the final moments. Still, in the end, ‘Bama won out and made their eighth appearance in the field.

Finebaum couldn’t have agreed more based on what he saw himself in Atlanta on Saturday versus what he watched later that night in the ACC Championship.

“You really can’t (debate for Florida State) if you’re reasonable,” Finebaum said. “Some of the lines I’ve heard today issued by your colleagues up there at ESPN? They do want to make your head explode. ‘What about the other 99 players on the team?’? Well, what about the other 99 players on Alabama’s team?”

“They just knocked off Georgia. I mean all these things are great but I’m glad this committee didn’t buy it,” said Finebaum. “I didn’t think they would as midnight struck last night because Florida State vs. Louisville was a painful game to watch – as opposed to where I was yesterday watching to heavyweights. It was like going back to the 70s and watching Ali and Frazier. Then the winner of that meets some boxing gym in Queens. It’s absurd.”

We could go round and round about who was better or who was more deserving for this playoff. At the end of the day, though, Alabama put themselves in position, made their final case with their victory over the ‘Dawgs, and will now head to Pasadena to play Michigan in The Rose Bowl for a spot in the national championship.