Brock Vandagriff reveals best advice his dad gave him

On3 imageby:Nick Kosko04/13/23


Brock Vandagriff knows how to take coaching from practically everyone at this point. The Georgia quarterback said that was the best advice his dad ever gave him.

Vandagriff is in the middle of a quarterback battle with Carson Beck for QB1 for the Bulldogs, and two-time national champion Stetson Bennett’s replacement. But being able to be coached is Vandagriff’s best trait.

He opened up about it and how he developed the habit throughout his football life.

“Probably some of the best advice my dad ever gave me was, it really advice, it was just you have to take coaching,” Vandagriff said. There were practices where I’d be running around the practice for the last 30 minutes (after) doing something wrong. I’d like talkback or I said something, but (now it’s) just making sure I look my coaches dead in the eye. Say yes sir, whether you like it or not. 

“If you have an explanation they’re wrong, you can tell them in the meeting room. They don’t want to hear it on the field. It’s the biggest thing that my dad taught me. And it’s helped me because knock on wood, I haven’t had anything happen like that because I’ve been able to take coaching and said ‘yes sir’ around the field and (if I need to say anything, do it in the) meetings.”

Vandagriff will certainly use that mentality in his quarterback competition with Beck. If the two can push each other to be better, it’s a healthy battle.

“I think it just really comes down to healthy competition,” Vandagriff said. “If you have a dude that’s one of the best in the nation or wherever, and then you have a couple of lesser opponents, that guys not going to get pushed every day in practice. I mean, we have three of four dudes that are just, they’re biting at the nip every time they’re out there. Just you know, hey man, after this play if I’ve got a question, turn around and ask somebody what did they see, like what did you see on this play. 

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“It’s just a really healthy competition, because everybody’s pushing the other to be great, and then you can turn around in the meeting rooms and say hey, I think you could’ve done this better, or what’d you see on this play. It’s just a good environment, and I’m glad to be here.”