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Kirby Smart disappointed with Georgia practice on Tuesday

Stephen Samraby:Steve Samra11/15/23


Georgia Bulldogs DISMANTLE Ole Miss | Brock Bowers Returns, Carson Beck GOES OFF! | Kirby Smart, UGA

Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs are freshly ranked No. 1 in the College Football Playoff rankings, and preparing for the Tennessee Volunteers this weekend.

However, that doesn’t mean everything is going swimmingly in Athens. Smart wasn’t happy with his team’s performance in practice on Tuesday, and let the media know all about it.

“It was today,” Smart said, regarding if it’s a challenge to keep the Bulldogs’ eye on the prize at times. “I don’t know if it was because of that. I don’t know what it was because of. They must be feeling themselves a little bit. They must be feeling themselves a little bit. I’m a little disappointed.

” I don’t think it has anything to do with Tennessee. I think it’s just a disappointing practice. We’ve had about five really good Tuesdays in a row. They were not good today.”

Evidently, the Bulldogs’ attention was somewhere else on Tuesday. That’s something Smart has been able to excel at — keeping his team’s eyes on the prize — so it’s not too worrisome, but there’s something to be said in this case, where so much pressure is on Georgia.

Tennessee won’t be a walk in the park for Kirby Smart and company. Georgia better regain their focus, of their top spot in the College Football Playoff rankings could be short lived.

More on the Georgia Bulldogs being ranked No. 1 in latest College Football Playoff rankings

One of the few changes in the top 10 of the College Football Playoff ranking was Georgiataking the top spot over Ohio State after a few weeks of the Buckeyes reigning supreme. What was the difference? Recent results.

“I think you look at the game and y’all were just talking about it, the win last week over Missouri and then the Mississippi game was tied 14-all, they go on a 38-3 run and kind of showed their dominance both on offense and on defense against a really strong Mississippi offense,” CFP selection committee chairman Boo Corrigan explained to a live ESPN panel on Tuesday night.

Georgia’s recent results have definitely shown a different side of the Bulldogs. While they’d consistently won across the board this season, they hadn’t necessarily played a particularly tough schedule. Until recently, that is.

Both of Georgia’s last two opponents have spent time this season in the top 10 of the College Football Rankings. Missouri checked in at No. 9 in the most recent rankings, while Ole Miss settled at No. 13 in Tuesday night’s edition.

Given that nothing has happened in the last couple weeks to really bolster Ohio State’s resume — the last big win was against Penn State on Oct. 21 — the committee simply felt like Georgia’s body of work had outgrown Ohio State’s at this point.

“In looking at it in the resume and everything combined, we thought Georgia was the No. 1 team this week,” Boo Corrigan added.