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Aaron Bradshaw stays at No. 1 in the updated 2023 On3 150

On3 imageby:Jamie Shaw02/06/23


On3 has updated its 2023 On3 150, and there is a familiar face at the top, Aaron Bradshaw. This is Bradshaw’s second period as the No. 1 player in the class, as On3 moved him to that spot in the November update.

Since GG Jackson decided to leave a year early for college and vacate the No. 1 spot in the 2023 class, there has not been a clear-cut player for the No. 1 spot, in our opinion. Bradshaw has the highest floor of all the top prospects, with obvious upside for continued growth. We did look at a couple of other players for this position, the conversation to keep Bradshaw here, did not take long.

While being a natural rim protector, he also can knock down shots, and play an efficient offensive game. Bradshaw has also consistently produced, both with personal statistics and wins, while playing a national schedule as well as competing on Nike’s EYBL Circuit.

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Let’s jump into why Bradshaw continues to be the No. 1 player in the updated 2023 On3 150.

Bradshaw has an interesting mix of upside and physical tools

Aaron Bradshaw is the anchor of the Camden (NJ) High defense. This rim protection allows the guards and the wings to play a very aggressive, almost gambling style of defensive pressure. It is more than just blocking shots, he has the ability to block shots without fouling along with playing vertically to affect the shots he does not get to.

Rim protection is one of the more translatable skills as a player moves from level to level as it is a very natural asset. Bradshaw can also move his feet and recover on the defensive end. While he can still use added strength and continue developing hip flexibility, he can get in a stance and slide his feet along the perimeter. Another piece that makes him an interesting defender moving forward.

Standing 7-foot-0 with long arms and natural athleticism, the physical tools are obvious.

Bradshaw on offense

Bradshaw is also very good at picking his spots. In today’s game, rarely are centers the focal point of offenses. However, they do need to be offensive threats in the spots they are used in the offense.

With Camden this season, Bradshaw has shown touch. He is comfortable in pick and pop situations or spacing the floor for a corner three. Bradshaw moves well off the ball, with footwork, and capable of knocking down mid range jumpers off movement.

There is a variety to his offensive repertoire, that he has shown. However, one team with talented guards, wings, and depth, Bradshaw does not need to show the entire arsenal each time out. During one stretch at the John Wall Holiday Invitational, Bradshaw knocked down a mid-post iso-fadeaway from the baseline, caught a lob out of the dunker spot, and flashed to the right elbow, pivoted on his left foot and knocked down a mid-range jumper.

Bradshaw is also a lob threat, both as a vertical floor spacer out of the dunker spot and as a roll man, off movement.

Looking ahead

Aaron Bradshaw has now been able to remain in the No. 1 spot for a second update. The next 2023 class update will be the final one, continued production and progression will play a significant role in our ranking system.

Each update is a mixture of a snap shot in time, while taking into account a players career arc. While Bradshaw has always had impressive physical tools, his production continues to take off. One more update left, but for this one, Bradshaw did enough to hold serve at No. 1.