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Dylan Raiola explains his role in recruiting players to Nebraska

FaceProfileby:Thomas Goldkamp05/14/24
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As Nebraska looks to continue executing an attempted turnaround under coach Matt Rhule, the Cornhuskers have the equivalent of a bazooka on the recruiting trail in the form of former five-star quarterback Dylan Raiola.

He can be a difference-maker when it comes to Nebraska’s recruiting efforts, and he knows it.

“I’m trying to help bring as much talent as I can here,” Dylan Raiola said on a recent episode of Bussin’ with the Boys. “Recruiting season now, everyone’s coming through to come see us and I’m getting texts from recruiting people like, ‘Come see this guy, come see this guy.’ I’ve got class and all this stuff, but I’ll come say what’s up.”

The reason for the additional recruiting boon from Raiola is pretty straightforward. He’s one of the best quarterback prospects in the country.

Get a guy at that position that can lead you to championships and the rest of the pieces typically follow suit.

In the wake of Raiola’s commitment to Nebraska, the Cornhuskers were quickly able to land talented receiver Dae’von Hall and Texas receiver transfer Isaiah Neyor.

Being able to parlay his own status into ammunition on the recruiting trail has been a cool perk for Dylan Raiola.

“It’s fun,” he said. “I mean I remember being recruited, so I know how it feels.”

So practically what does Raiola doing some recruiting for Nebraska look like? Essentially, he’s just rubbing elbows with prospects on campus whenever possible.

The more face time the better.

And Raiola is up on his mission, too. More often than not he knows who he should be targeting before anyone on the recruiting staff needs to tell him.

“Yes, but if I’m not they’ll catch me up real quick,” Dylan Raiola said. “Watch five clips of their highlights and be like, ‘All right, he’s good.'”

Nebraska’s recruiting class for 2025 currently ranks 35th nationally, boasting one four-star commitment and seven three-star commitments. Nebraska finished 24th nationally in 2024.