Notre Dame WR Braylon James plans to enter Transfer Portal

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Notre Dame WR Braylon James announced his intentions to enter the transfer portal Thursday afternoon.

The 6’2 185 WR will have 4 years of eligibility remaining.

James sent a statement to On3:

Thank you for taking me in and embracing me since day 1. This past year in South Bend I’ve learned so much about what it means to be a man of integrity, character, and nobility. To Coach Freeman, Stuckey, and the rest of the Notre Dame staff thank you for nourishing me and treating me with the utmost respect everyday.

After long thought and prayer, I have decided to enter the NCAA transfer portal to find a new home.

Once again, Irish Nation thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing culture. Notre Dame will always hold a special place in my heart, yet I look forward to my next opportunity!

Love Thee,


Transfer portal background information

The NCAA Transfer Portal, which covers every NCAA sport at the Division I, II and III levels, is a private database with names of student-athletes who wish to transfer. It is not accessible to the public.

The process of entering the portal is done through a school’s compliance office. Once a player provides written notification of an intent to transfer, the office enters the player’s name in the database and everything is off and running. The compliance office has 48 hours to comply with the player’s request and that request cannot be refused.

Once a player’s name shows up in the portal, other schools can contact the player. Players can change their minds at any point and withdraw from the portal. However, once a player enters the portal, the current scholarship no longer has to be honored. In other words, if a player enters the portal but decides to stay, the school is not obligated to provide a scholarship anymore.

The database is a normal database, sortable by a variety of topics, including (of course) sport and name. A player’s individual entry includes basic details such as contact info, whether the player was on scholarship and whether the player is transferring as a graduate student.

A player can ask that a “do not contact” tag be placed on the report. In those instances, the players don’t want to be contacted by schools unless they’ve initiated the communication.

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