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Brent Venables describes how he has prepared, researched for transition to the SEC

On3 imageby:Sam Gillenwater06/09/24


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This fall is going to be a whole new ball game for Oklahoma as they move into the SEC. Brent Venables knows it too with all that comes with the jump for his Sooners into the Southeastern Conference.

Venables discussed what his program has learned and put into their transition into their new conference during their first-ever appearance at the SEC Spring Meetings in Destin. He said that one aspect that he has noticed about their new league is the amount at the disposal for each team, which means they too need to have all those available to them.

“Yeah, just that it’s very efficient,” said Venables. “I know the resources? Nobody lacks for resources, top to bottom, in the conference – whether that’s staffing, that’s salaries, that’s support staff.”

“Programmatically, just being very forward thinking, progressive. How to get better and more efficient in all those different areas,” Venables said. “So, again, that’s sports performance, that’s nutrition, strength and conditioning, our life skills program.”

That’s not just to help teams like Oklahoma find success on the field, though. Those resources are also there to create spaces that benefits their players the best that it can.

“Creating an environment that is connected and it’s healthy. Help these guys grow and get these guys excited,” said Venables. “What these guys are trying to do? This is the most difficult and challenging part of their young lives as they chase their dreams. We want to try to support them in every possible way.”

As a program, Oklahoma should fit right in with the SEC. Since 2000, OU has won double-digit games in 19 of 24 seasons. That includes a Top-10 ranking in the AP Poll at some point in each one of those seasons and ratings in the Top-10 for the College Football Playoff in eight of the last nine.

Still, it’s going to be an adjustment nonetheless with them being in a new conference for the first time since 1928. That’s why Venables and Oklahoma want to be as prepared as possible in every facet to be able to compete right away in their new home

“Those are probably the biggest things. Then, again, the challenge of building the roster, developing the roster the right way,” said Venables. “Being committed to the resources that it takes to make sure that we’re in a competitive place that way that still aligns, again, with our vision and our philosophies is what’s really important.”