Jerrin Thompson says Quinn Ewers has come 'a long way' as a quarterback

On3 imageby:Steve Samra04/08/23


Texas safety Jerrin Thompson is watching Quinn Ewers grow as a quarterback right before his very eyes.

Since touching down in Austin, Ewers has been the prince that was promised by Steve Sarkisian. While there’s been some uneven play, the quarterback has shown flashes of brilliance, and expectations are rising for 2023.

Ahead of what could be a fruitful season for the Longhorns, Thompson spoke about someone he’s continually faced in practice, elaborating on how far the Ewers has come since he got to Texas.

“Quinn, you can tell that he’s come a long way, learning like the defense and knowing what we’re playing, even if we’re disguising on him,” explained Thompson. “He does a good job of looking-off the safeties. I’m saying he came a long way, just from that aspect.”

Moreover, Thompson isn’t the only one who’s seen Ewers’ immense growth. The aforementioned Sarkisian believes winter conditioning did gigantic things for his quarterback.

Not just by getting into shape but also by learning to be comfortable in the offense. A first year under someone like Sarkisian can be complicated, especially when going through a quarterback competition.

“I think Quinn had a really good winter offseason conditioning,” Sarkisian said. “I think he got himself in really good shape. He definitely feels more comfortable. He’s throwing the ball very naturally, very comfortably.

“From a decision-making standpoint, the reads are just happening that much quicker, that much more decisive. I think the management of our style of offense, right? The shifts, the motions, the varying tempos.”

Still, Thompson’s coach isn’t keeping expectations too high, especially at this point of spring practice. Ewers has been improving but to this point is “not perfect.” There is still plenty of time for the quarterback to improve before the fall and continue to get comfortable as the full-time starter.

“All those things of handling that aspect of the game, I think you’re seeing growth,” Sarkisian said. “It just looks like a guy who’s in Year Two and is growing into Year Two from a comfort level.

“Not perfect and I don’t expect him to be perfect right now.”

Last season, Ewers completed under 60% of his throws but threw for over 2,100 yards in 10 games played. He was able to add 15 touchdowns and just six interceptions, and those numbers could balloon next season.

Time will tell how high Quinn Ewers can fly, but Jordan Thompson is seeing good things thus far, and that’s a tremendous indicator that the quarterback is moving in the right direction.