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Joel Klatt raves over 'elite' NFL Draft prospect Brock Bowers

On3 imageby:Brian Jones04/02/24


Brock Bowers
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Joel Klatt believes that Brock Bowers will have an impactful NFL career. On The Joel Klatt Show, Klatt revealed his 10 “Plant the Flag” players in the 2024 NFL Draft, and the former Georgia Bulldogs tight end made the list, Klatt said that these 10 players are the ones he’s betting on having impactful careers.

“Bowers has been elite since he stepped foot on campus in Athens,” Klatt said. “He has been elite since he was a true freshman three years ago. Every time I got to watch him play, I was more impressed with his athleticism and his ability to catch the football. By all accounts, his work ethic is off the charts.

“Last year, there was a lot of depth at the tight end position in the draft. I suggested going into the draft that hey you could probably wait around and and get a guy like Sam LaPorta from Iowa, and guess what, that rang true because that’s what what Detroit did. They got a guy that they could rely on, and then he was excellent in his rookie year for the Lions.”

Klatt went on to see that Bowers is in a different situation because he believes that Bowers is a better top-end prospect than LaPorta. “Which means you got to go get him,” Klatt said. He’s more of a crown jewel than he is a guy you can just wait in the wings and get him somewhere in the middle of the second round.”

Is Brock Bowers heading to the Chargers?

In Klatt’s latest mock draft, he has the Los Angeles Chargers selected Bowers at No. 11 overall. In the mock draft, Klatt wrote, “This is what I love about a possible trade back for the Chargers. They can still get a player who fits [Jim] Harbaugh to a tee and they don’t need to overdraft to do it. I actually had Bowers going to the Chargers with the fifth pick in my first mock draft.” 

Klatt is not the only expert who’s high on Bowers. Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN believes that two-time national champion tight end says he can do anything on the field.

He’s everything,” Kiper said. “Watch him play. …You can use him in the backfield. You can put him anywhere on the football field. “He is a nightmare trying to match up with. I don’t care where he goes, he’s going to be a whale of a pick.”