Micah Parsons says CeeDee Lamb contract is priority No. 1 for Cowboys

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Micah Parsons, CeeDee Lamb
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Micah Parsons knows his time is coming to speak with the Dallas Cowboys about a monster extension, but it’s CeeDee Lamb who the front office is focused on at the moment.

The star pass rusher is making his rounds in the media world ahead of the Super Bowl, a game he’d love to play in one day. In one of his many conversations, Parsons was asked whether or not he and the Cowboys have talked about an extension yet, to which he shifted focus to Lamb.

“I know they gotta get CeeDee Lamb done. I think that’s the priority right now,” Parsons said, speaking with NFL Network’s Maurice Jones-Drew and Rhett Lewis Friday on Super Bowl Live, per NFL.com.

It makes sense for the Cowboys to be all-in on Lamb at the moment. His contract situation is a little more pressing than Parsons. Still, both are essential to the team’s success, and will be part of the franchise’s future.

Last season, Lamb accumulated 1,749 receiving yards (second in the league) and 12 touchdowns (third in the league) on 135 receptions (first in the league), which are pretty incredible numbers. However, he was held without a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers in Dallas’ shocking playoff loss.

Nevertheless, CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons share similar goals, and both want to bring Dallas their first Lombardi in what feels like forever. Expect them both to get paid big money, but the wide receiver’s bank account may get a boost first, and the defender seems fine with that.

Micah Parsons doesn’t believe TJ Watt is a top 5 pass rusher in NFL

When you think of the top pass rushers in the NFL, TJ Watt of the Pittsburgh Steelers always garners a mention. That is, until now, as Cowboys star Micah Parsons went on record to say he doesn’t believe Watt is one of the top-five pass rushers in the league. 

Parsons, speaking with Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio on Super Bowl Radio Row in Las Vegas Friday, cited the stats, particularly pass rush win rate, in making his argument.

“If you’re talking about best pure pass rusher, I would say if you look at my win rate, I was the best one this year, so it would be me [No. 1],” Parsons said. “Then, I would say Myles [Garrett]. [And] then, I would say Maxx [Crosby]. Then, I would say Nick Bosa. I mean, look at the stats. The stats don’t lie. … I think [Watt] might have been fifth or sixth [in pass rush win rate and double team rate]. 

Alex Highsmith, I think had a better pass rush rate and a more double team rate than TJ Watt if you want to be statistical. This isn’t my stuff. I’m not just pulling this out of my hat. Like, look at the stats.”

Parsons added he has no beef with Watt and felt that if he didn’t win Defensive Player of the Year, it should have gone to Garrett.

“There’s no beef at all,” Parsons said. “One thing I hate about the NFL community and NBA community, we just hate when someone else wins. When I lost to TJ, I did not go in and say, ‘I got snubbed.’ I just said, ‘I’m going to go to work.’ When I lost to Nick Bosa the year after that, I did not say, ‘I got snubbed.’ I just said, ‘I’m going to work.’ The biggest mistake in people is saying that someone is not deserving. Who are you to say someone is not deserving of an award of that magnitude?”

On3’s Nick Geddes contributed to this article.