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Report: Anonymous GM says 'there's a lot of bad blood' between Texans, CJ Stroud's agent

On3 imageby:Sam Gillenwater04/21/23


QB CJ Stroud
Gaelen Morse | Getty Images

The conversation around the No. 2 pick in the NFL Draft has become an interesting one. With how things are forming around the top selection, many are still guessing what the Houston Texans are thinking with the second choice and, in short, why it may no longer seem to be a quarterback?

Well, in Jason La Canfora’s words in a Washington Post article, CJ Stroud’s representation could be playing a role. It’s already becoming an uphill battle considering the first pick. He said that Houston’s front office doesn’t necessarily love the quarterbacks past Bryce Young as much as many once thought. However, Stroud’s agent being David Mulugheta, who represented former Texans QB Deshaun Watson, is also not ideal for them, especially considering how we all remember how that situation ended.

“Stroud’s agent is David Mulugheta. (He) happens to represent former Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, whose years-long exodus from Houston was about as ugly as it gets,” wrote La Canfora. “Remember, Watson pocketed millions while staying away from the team as accusations of sexual misconduct mounted. In the eyes of general managers and agents around the league? That relationship plays a part in keeping Stroud from being the shoo-in that so many assumed for so long.”

To an anonymous GM and a scout, that relationship is absolutely playing a role in their evaluation of Stroud. If not for that ‘elephant in the room’, the Ohio State quarterback would be the selection. Instead, it has become a point of contention as Houston’s owner isn’t certain he wants to do business that way again.

“There’s a lot of bad blood there,” the GM said in the article. “I don’t think (Cal) McNair could stomach having Mulugheta’s next top quarterback be the next face of his franchise. I think that’s a non-starter there.”

“If Stroud has a different agent? He is the second overall pick,” the well-connected agent added.

Many were confused why, in a draft full of quarterbacks, Stroud had lost a decent amount of steam. It was difficult to pinpoint, especially with the draft process almost complete. While this isn’t confirmed by any means, though, this would be a valid concern for the Texans considering the pressure on them already to nail the second pick.