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Ten Sleeper One-And-Done NBA Draft Prospects in College Basketball

On3 imageby:Jamie Shaw09/28/23


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North Carolina guard Elliot Cadeau has a chance to be one of the most impactful freshmen in the ACC this season (photo credit - North Carolina Athletics

The start of college basketball season is right around the corner, which means it is time for the reader to start getting to know the landscape for 2023-24. This includes early NBA Draft talk. While we lead up to the season, a lot of the content will circle around predictions; however, breakout players and sleepers are always a fun topic.

Fifteen of the first-round draft picks in the 2023 NBA Draft were one-and-done college basketball players. This follows the recent trend with the one-and-done players, especially in the lottery. An interesting aspect that we may see continue to trend from the 2023 NBA Draft is players getting picked from alternative routes to college basketball.

Four of the top five players taken in the 2023 NBA Draft were taken from outside the college basketball route. The G-League Ignite program has fielded its most talented roster to date this year. The NBL has invested heavily in their Futures League. And the international game has a lot of talent.

Another trend we saw in the 2023 NBA Draft is college players ranked outside of the industry high school top 25 rankings being picked. Four players ranked between 25 and 100 in the 2022 rankings heard their names in the first round. Another nine players, who ended up being multi-year college players, ranked outside of the top 25 in their respective high school classes, heard their names called.

I combed through the national college basketball landscape. Here I discuss ten players ranked outside of On3’s top 25 in the 2023 rankings who could hear their names called in the NBA Draft.

Top Ten One-And-Done NBA Draft Prospects in College Basketball
Top Ten NBA Draft Prospects that Returned to College Basketball
Ten Sleeper NBA Draft Picks that Returned to College Basketball

F Carey Booth, Notre Dame

6-10, 203-pounds | July 2005

The Skinny: Carey Booth is a toolsy big, so the intrigue starts there. The reality of it is he is still raw in his game and his development. Entering Notre Dame, he needs strength and reps. With that said Booth has a lot of natural tools that project moving forward. He has touch that projects beyond the three-point arc, he has defensive timing and length around the rim, and he can move well both vertically and laterally. Booth is also the son of former NBA center Calvin Booth, the current General Manager of the Denver Nuggets. Looking at Booth, you see the upside. The way the Notre Dame roster is constructed, he will have an opportunity this season. While the initial thought is with Booth as a multi-year player, he will be able to get on the floor, play through his mistakes, and have the chance to take steps. 

G Elliot Cadeau, UNC

6-0, 180-pounds | September 2004

The Skinny: The step that Elliot Cadeau took in the last six to eight months has been steep. He was already tracking as one of the top lead guards in his high school class. Since February, and through Geico Nationals and EYBL play, Cadeau has become now of the most intriguing set-up men in domestic amateur basketball. The question is his size, as the NBA has been moving toward taller, more lengthy playmakers. He will have the opportunity to show his abilities at UNC this year. There is a clear pathway for started minutes at point guard with a veteran team around him. Cadeau is quick-twitch on both ends of the floor, able to guard the ball in open space, touch the paint, and make a read in traffic. With a good start to the season, he could quickly move up NBA Draft boards. 

F Coen Carr, Michigan State

6-6, 220-pounds | October 2004

The Skinny: Coen Carr is a top one percent type athlete. The 6-foot-6 forward plays with great length and a lot of quick-twitch explosion. Naturally, that really shows on the defensive end. He plays aggressively in the passing lanes and has great instincts rotating from the weak side. Offensively, he has a good feel, and he is a better processor than he gets credit. The shooting is the swing skill; if he can show to at least be a threat with the pull-up and consistent from the free-throw line, there are a lot of tools to like here. The toughness is a given, and he will be all over the highlight reels with some jaw-dropping displays of athleticism. While he prefers to be older, Tom Izzo has shown that he is willing to play freshmen if they are up to speed. Michigan State will be one of the best teams in the country. But there is a pathway to the lineup for Carr this year. 

F Myles Colvin, Purdue

6-5, 200-pounds | August 2005

The Skinny: Myles Colvin largely flew under the radar throughout high school, and he committed very early to the Boilermakers. With that said, he is someone who possesses great physical tools. He has also continued to improve his game each step of the way. Colvin has a natural skill base, able to dribble, shoot, and pass. He has upside as a perimeter defender who can guard on or off the ball. Going to Purdue, Matt Painter has shown he is not afraid to play freshmen. They will be in the spotlight as one of the best teams in the country. How quickly can he get up to speed? The tools, opportunity, and trajectory are all intriguing. 

G Silas Demary Jr., Georgia

6-5, 190-pounds | June 2004

The Skinny: It has always been about the production with Silas Demary Jr. Over his final three years of high school, he was 81-8 with a state championship. Winning has followed him throughout his career. Demary is one of the best perimeter defenders in the freshman class. He has excellent positional size for a point guard, with a sturdy frame and great length. Demary takes care of the ball, plays with an even-keel demeanor, and gets his teammates into favorable spots on the floor. Demary should have the inside track at the starting point guard spot for Georgia this season; he is someone who has always outplayed people’s expectations. A strong start to the season could see his name start to pop up on NBA Draft boards.

G Garwey Dual, Providence

6-5, 190-pounds | March 2005

The Skinny: The tools are in place for Garwey Dual. The lengthy lead guard has as quick a change of direction handle as you will see, and he spends a lot of time in the paint, putting pressure on the rim. He passes the look test with positional size and excellent length. The jump shot can be interesting as he will need to continue working on his base and arc. He also has a quiet demeanor and has, in the past, been on with playing a secondary role to confident teammates. When he has the ball in his hands, he has had some impressive flashes. He is on the young side of this class and should have the opportunity to see the floor early at Providence. Can he find consistency in the spotlight?

G Caleb Foster, Duke

6-5, 200-pounds | July 2004

The Skinny: Caleb Foster had as strong a final 12 months of high school as anyone in the class. The 6-foot-5 guard earned MaxPreps California state Player of the Year honors after averaging 21.4 points and 3.9 assists per game his senior year. That high school production came on the heels of averaging 19.4 points on 38.4 percent shooting from three with Team Thad on Nike’s EYBL Circuit. Foster has an excellent feel for the game with a competitive streak. He is comfortable on the ball, using his excellent processing and IQ but can also play off the ball with his deep shooting range and natural form. The question will be playing time. With the depth of Duke’s roster, can Foster carve out enough of a role to show his game as a freshman? The tools are intriguing. 

F Gavin Griffiths, Rutgers

6-8, 195-pounds | July 2004

The Skinny: Gavin Griffiths is the best natural shooter in the freshman class; this has been well documented on our site throughout his process. The 6-foot-8 wing has a deadly stroke, whether shooting off movement, the bounce, or off the catch. He is comfortable in dribble pull-up situations and confident enough to take them from 30 feet on the break. Griffiths suffered a freak eye injury at the end of Griffiths junior season that left him in goggles. He came back for his senior season to average 24 points and four assists as a senior and earning NEPSAC Class B Player of the Year honors. Griffiths’ dad, Larry Griffiths, scored over 1,100 career points during his four years at Hartford.

C Yves Missi, Baylor

7-0, 235-pounds | May 2005

The Skinny: Walking on the floor, you immediately notice the physical traits of Yves Missi. He has positional size, broad shoulders, and great length. Watching him play, you immediately notice how he moves; he has a quick-twitch explosion and is very fluid, moving both laterally and vertically. Missi has only been playing organized basketball for less than five years. He was born in Belgium and grew up in Cameroon with a background playing soccer. While still raw and learning the finer nuances of the game, Missi’s motor and instincts lead to consistent production on both ends of the floor. There is a clear path with the current makeup of the Baylor roster to playing time. Can he carve out his role and turn the flashes into consistent production?

G Andrej Stojakovic, Stanford

6-7, 190-pounds | August 2004

The Skinny: Andrej Stojakovic is the son of former NBA All-Star Peja Stojakovic and was a McDonald’s All-American, so it is not like he is completely off the radar. However, he does not have a lot of buzz coming into his freshman year at Stanford. A quick look at the roster, and you see the opportunity. Also, in looking at Stanford recently, and they have produced wings toward the NBA Draft. Things will need to go right for Stojakovic, but he has the confidence and the skill set to put up numbers. How quickly he adjusts to being the focal point of opposing defenses could play a role here, but he is carrying some momentum that, with a quick start to the season, he could pop up on NBA Draft boards.