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Halftime Notes: Red and Black tied at 10 in Georgia's G-Day spring scrimmage

On3 imageby:Jake Rowe04/13/24


ATHENS, Ga. — Georgia’s red team, led by the first-team offense, holds a 10-7 lead over the black team at halftime of the annual G-Day Spring scrimmage. Below, DawgsHQ shares some quick thoughts and observations on the first two periods of action.

*** Carson Beck has done some good things in the first half but he hasn’t been that sharp. Both he and Gunner Stockton have had issues getting on the same page with their receivers. Beck has thrown two interceptions with one of them being one of those miscommunications with his receiver and the other on a tipped pass. He has also made some impressive throws.

Stockton has struggled some since the first drive. He has been on the bad end of some nice plays by the defense, too.

*** Trevor Etienne is clearly the best running back here today although Andrew Paul has done some good things. Etienne moves at a different speed and has flashed the ability to break tackles. Roderick Robinson looked really good on his first chance to catch the football and has looked like a powerful runner between the tackles.

*** At receiver, both Dillon Bell and Colbie Young have been impressive. Bell just missed a touchdown on the opening drive as he caught a ball in the end zone but was just out of bounds. Young has the only touchdown grab and it wasn’t easy. He also had a nice catch that kept that drive going.

*** The offensive line play has been pretty solid. Beck has had forever to throw on multiple occasions. There have been a few quick pressures, too. The run game hasn’t been featured much and it hasn’t done much when the Bulldogs have turned to it. The second offensive line has been a lot more leaky in pass protection.

*** We heard how the offensive line was getting the best of the defensive line most of spring but that hasn’t been the case today. The run defense has been pretty strong and Gabe Harris has stood out amongst the pass rushers. Mykel Williams also made a really nice play on the tipped pass. He got a hand on it then picked it off once it was batted into the air.

*** Really impressed with freshman linebackers Chris Cole and Justin Williams. Cole has rushed off the edge a few times and has a pass breakup and a pressure. Williams has been really good in space. Troy Bowles also also looked good in coverage. CJ Allen picked off Beck just before the half as well.

*** JaCorey Thomas got the start with the first team defense and has looked better in run support than coverage. Joenel Aguero has struggled with Dominick Lovett, giving up a couple of plays in tight coverage. The cornerbacks have held up pretty well other than the touchdown given up by Julian Humphrey but that’s a really tough pass to defense down close.

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