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V-Cast: the latest from Michigan State spring football after first scrimmage

On3 imageby:Paul Konyndyk04/09/24


East Lansing, Mich. – After practice and interviews on Tuesday, staffers Jim Comparoni and Paul Konyndyk checked in with the latest Michigan State spring football developments on defense in the latest V-Cast.


Scrimmage: Michigan State has moved beyond the basics in spring football and have begun to put the pieces together. Last weekend, the Spartans held their first scrimmage, which was upwards of 80 plays. Sources indicate to SpartanMag that the defense prevailed in the first camp scrimmage. After practice on defensive coordinator Joe Rossi said he liked what he saw from his defense for the most part in their first training camp scrimmage. Rossi also gave some progress reports on various linebackers and defensive linemen, including Wisconsin transfer Jordan Turner, as well as returning starters Cal Haladay and Jordan Hall.

Legi Suianuoa: Defensive line coach Legi Suiaunoa followed Jonathan Smith to Michigan State from Oregon State. Suiaunoa is adjusting to his new surroundings and learning as much from his players as he is imparting to them. For veterans on the interior defensive line that have had four different position coaches in the last four years, Suianuoa has been a welcome presence in their meeting room. Players have embraced his high energy coaching style and have impressed him with their attitude and work ethic.

Rush End:  Rossi’s defense at Michigan State features a hybrid defensive end/linebacker position that the Spartan d-coordinator describes as a rush end. The rush end position is played out of a two point stance much like a linebacker and has some short coverage responsibilities when he is not rushing the passer. Khris Bogle, Jalen Thompson, James Schott, and Jay Coyne are among the Spartan defenders getting reps at the rush end spot. Bogle is having fun with the new role and prefers playing a more active role on defense in the role.

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