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Notre Dame football: Complete Blue-Gold Game Draft results

IMG_7504by:Jack Soble04/18/24


Notre Dame football held its Blue-Gold Game Draft on Thursday morning, two days before the 93rd edition of the program’s spring game. Defensive line coach/defensive run game coordinator Al Washington will coach the Blue team, while associate head coach/running backs coach Deland McCullough will coach the Gold team.

Here are the results from Thursday’s draft, as well as the players who will be unavailable for the game due to injury. The complete rosters for the Blue-Gold Game will be released Thursday afternoon.

Notre Dame players unavailable for the Blue-Gold Game due to injury

QB Riley Leonard, RB Jadarian Price, RB Kedren Young, WR Jayden Harrison, WR Jayden Thomas, WR Cam Williams, TE Kevin Bauman, TE Mitchell Evans, OT Styles Prescod, DT Armel Mukam, DE Aiden Gobaira, VYP Loghan Thomas, CB Charles Du, CB Benjamin Morrison

Blue-Gold Draft results

Draft rules: Notre Dame seniors were already placed on teams. Freshman quarterback CJ Carr will be on both teams, so he was ineligible to be drafted. Washington (Blue) and McCullough (Gold) alternated picking position groups to draft, then selecting players within that position group one by one.

First position selected: QB

  • Steve Angeli (Blue)
  • Kenny Minchey (Gold)


  • Jason Onye (Gold)
  • Donovan Hinish (Blue)
  • Cole Mullins (Gold)
  • Sean Sevillano Jr. (Blue)
  • Devan Houstan (Gold)
  • Brenan Vernon (Blue)


  • Jeremiyah Love (Blue)
  • Gi’Bran Payne (Gold)
  • Aneyas Williams (Blue)
  • Justin Fisher (Gold)
  • Dylan Devezin (Blue)


  • Adon Shuler (Gold)
  • Luke Talich (Blue)
  • Kennedy Urlacher (Gold)
  • Ben Minich (Blue)


  • Jaden Greathouse (Blue)
  • KK Smith (Gold)
  • Deion Colzie (Blue)
  • Micah Gilbert (Gold)
  • Alex Whitman (Blue)


  • Kyngstonn Viliamu-Asa (Gold)
  • Drayk Bowen (Blue)
  • Jaylen Sneed (Gold)
  • Jaiden Ausberry (Blue)
  • Kahanu Kia (Gold)
  • Preston Zinter (Blue)
  • Tre Reader (Gold)
  • Jerry Rullo (Blue)


  • Boubacar Traore (Blue)
  • Junior Tuihalamaka (Gold)
  • Kobi Oniyuke (Blue)
  • Eric Lindstrom (Gold)


  • Joshua Burnham (Gold)
  • Bryce Young (Blue)


  • Eli Raridon (Blue)
  • Cooper Flanagan (Gold)
  • Jack Larsen (Blue)
  • Henry Garrity (Gold)


  • Christian Gray (Gold)
  • Jaden Mickey (Blue)
  • Chance Tucker (Gold)
  • Micah Bell (Blue)
  • Isaiah Dunn (Gold)
  • Mickey Brown (Blue)


  • Aamil Wagner (Blue)
  • Charles Jagusah (Gold)
  • Sullivan Absher (Blue)
  • Anthonie Knapp (Gold)
  • Ty Chan (Blue)


  • Ashton Craig (Gold)
  • Sam Pendleton (Blue)
  • Joe Otting (Gold)


  • Billy Schrauth (Blue)
  • Rocco Spindler (Gold)
  • Pat Coogan (Blue)
  • Chris Terek (Gold)
  • Peter Jones (Blue)


  • Zac Yoakam (Gold)
  • Rino Monteforte (Blue)
  • Andrew Kros (Gold)
  • Joseph Vinci (Blue)
  • Marcello Diomede (Gold)

Post-draft trade: The Blue team traded Jaiden Ausberry to the Gold team for Jaylen Sneed.

Rejected post-draft trade: The Gold team proposed trading Junior Tuihalamaka to the Blue team for Boubacar Traore. The Blue team declined.

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