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Newsstand: Notre Dame named to ‘Mount Rushmore of College Football villains’

Kyle Kellyby:Kyle Kelly05/20/24


The University of Notre Dame and its football program must not be one of the heroes of college football after all. In fact, one sports media outlet thinks the Fighting Irish are among the sport’s “Mount Rushmore of Villians.”

Last Tuesday, The Athletic’s Ari Wasserman, Sam Khan and Mitch Light each named their four biggest villains in college football since 1980. Khan chose the Irish as his fourth selection.

“The current Fighting Irish aren’t as polarizing as they used to be, but think of the program a little bit like the New York Yankees: a ton of historical success that earned the Irish a lot of haters,” Khan said. “The Irish have the fourth-most wins in college football history, the second-most national titles among current FBS schools (and fourth-most overall). Notre Dame is the only major program with its own network TV rights contract and the only major program not in a football conference, and it has received special consideration in college football’s postseason structure (see: the BCS’ “Notre Dame rule”). 

“For a long time, the Fighting Irish were the anti-underdogs. Tony Kornheiser used to call Notre Dame ‘The University of Football in America.’ Oh, and lest we forget, the Irish had run-ins with those old Miami teams, including the birth of the infamous ‘Catholics vs. Convicts’ T-shirt in 1988.”

On Light’s list, he named former Irish and Kansas head football coach Charlie Weis.

“Weis was despised by college football fans around the country from the time he uttered the phrase ‘decided schematic advantage’ as the coach at Notre Dame,” Light said. “He used that decided advantage to go 35-27 in five seasons at Notre Dame and 6-22 in two-plus seasons at Kansas.”

A complete breakdown of their Mount Rushmore’s of college football’s villains can be found here

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Notre Dame Posts of the Weekend

The University of Notre Dame’s 2024 class graduated on Sunday. 

Revered ESPN college men’s basketball analyst Dick Vitale attended last weekend’s graduation ceremonies. 

Irish sophomore running back Jeremiyah Love leapt over two people to dunk.

Notre Dame Quote of the Weekend

“If you’re looking for extra motivation in the quarterfinals, you’re probably missing something. Our guys are plenty motivated at this time of year. There’s one prize at the end, and we’re all going for it.”

— Irish men’s lacrosse coach Kevin Corrigan on ESPNU after his team defeated Georgetown 16-11 in the NCAA Tournament quarterfinal round on Saturday. 

Notre Dame Headlines of the Weekend 

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