How NIL bill in Ohio will impact Buckeyes

On3 imageby:Tim May05/25/21


COLUMBUS — Ohio State players could soon profit off their name, image and likeness. The Tim May Podcast is back to break down every angle of the Buckeyes possibilities from the new Ohio legislation.

Tim welcomes Lettermen Row senior writer Austin Ward on the show. The guys break down the biggest questions facing the Buckeyes after the state of Ohio proposed NIL legislation. They also make sure to dive into everything else happening around the Ohio State football sphere.

Then Tim also welcomes on attorney Luke Fedlam once again to talk about how the name, image and likeness bill will go into practice, how Ohio’s is different from other state bills and who could stand to gain or lose the most money from the new legislation. The conversation makes this episode a must-listen.

It’s all in the latest Tim May Podcast.

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