Buckeyes see benefits from winner vs. loser situations at Student Appreciation Day

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COLUMBUS — Ohio State is going through a major transition along its offensive line.

So when the defensive ends and tackles were constantly harassing all three quarterbacks in the backfield throughout Student Appreciation Day on Saturday afternoon, it was no surprise.

Yes, the offensive line has struggled to block one of the most talented defensive fronts in the country. That’s to be expected with three new starters, new pieces being shuffled in and out of the lineup and just eight practices so far to learn blocking schemes.

But the Buckeyes aren’t going to carve out any caveats or make excuses for any position groups this spring, not with the stakes this high heading into a pivotal 2023 season.

“It’s all part of the process,” Ohio State coach Ryan Day said. “But at the end of the day, it’s a winner or loser day. You either win or you lose. And that’s how you evaluate on a daily basis. Now, we all know that there’s a process to get to August, and then from August getting to the season, we evaluated on a week to week basis? Do you get better or get worse? We grade every practice and figure out where guys are after practice, did they grade a champion or not.”

That’s the focus this spring for the Buckeyes: competing. Nearly every rep of every practice has been charted as a win or a loss, depending on the result, for both the offense and defense. And it’s already showing up around the building in just eight practices of action.

This program is competing. Saturday was no exception, even as students, media and recruits lined the boundaries of the indoor practice field.

“This whole spring, so much of our program is about competing,” Day said. “And it’s about winning and losing every day. And that’s what we want to create. And that’s what a day like today is all about.”

Spencer Holbrook, Tim May and Andy Backstrom were back inside the Woody Hayes Athletic Center for a full day of Ohio State spring practice. The crew dishes their takes after watching the Buckeyes complete their eighth practice of the spring. As spring ball is in full swing for the Buckeyes, there’s plenty to talk about. The offseason is behind us as spring football heats up more and more with each passing practice.

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