Silverman: Returning Predator fuels Ohio State title hunt against Penn State

Sam Silvermanalmost 2 years
Aritcle written by:Sam SilvermanSam Silverman

COLUMBUS — Ohio State is about to face its toughest game of the season. The No. 2 Buckeyes enter a brutal two-game stretch with a matchup against No. 8 Penn State, a hungry team that has given Ohio State some of the toughest tests in recent years. As the Buckeyes prepare to welcome the Nittany Lions into town with the Big Ten East title on the line, the latest game poster from our Creative Director Sam Silverman is here.

The latest poster highlights Chase Young’s return to the Silver Bullet defense after serving a two-game suspension. He’ll certainly have an impact as the Buckeyes host the Nittany Lions as he tries to make up for lost time in the Heisman Trophy race. The poster also sticks with the year-long movie theme.

As the Buckeyes kick off the huge two-game stretch in late November and Lettermen Row continues to supply premium content covering all aspects of the program, we hope Silverman’s poster will remain a staple of the game-week experience for readers and fans everywhere.


Ohio State game day poster

Ohio State-Penn State-game poster-Silverman


Ohio State-Penn State-iphone-poster-Silverman


Ohio State-Penn State-iphoneX-poster-Silverman




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