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CFB 25 Gameplay Trailer Review

by:Linden Hile07/08/24
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Monday marked the first in a series of detailed deep dives EA Sports will be releasing over the next week to showcase specific game features and dynamics in the upcoming CFB 25 video game.

For anyone who’s unfamiliar, a licensed college football game hasn’t been released since the summer of 2013 so needless to say this is a long time coming.

Fans have waited 11 years for the next installment of the legendary series and July 19th can’t come soon enough.

I’ve watched the gameplay deep dive and taken note of the game’s features as well as my thoughts.


EASports College Football 25 offensive power rankings Jalen Milroe Carson Beck Quinn Ewers

Throw Meter

A new meter injects user skill into the passing game beyond simple decision-making.

Players will now use a timing meter to determine the trajectory and speed of their passes.

A pass thrown with less power will have better touch and a chance to get over defenders but will take longer to reach its target.

Meanwhile a pass thrown harder will reach its target faster and can be thrown farther but will be more prone to being intercepted and harder to catch for the receiver.

Pitch Types

Different types of pitches in the running game will give users options for how to get the ball to a running back or receiver.

Quick pitches will be more versatile and can be executed closer to a defender’s impact point but have a more lofted trajectory.

This makes them more susceptible to being ‘intercepted’ by defenders and will be less on-target than would a strong pitch.

Strong pitches take longer to execute but will be more accurate and reach their target faster than a quick pitch.

Fake pitches add to the deception element of the option game and should be deadly with a mobile quarterback.

Coverage Shells

Speaking of deception, users can now show different coverages than what they’re actually running in the hopes of faking out opponents.

Whereas in previous iterations users could only base align their defense to the traditional set for a given play’s formation, much more control will be had this year.

EA Sports College Football 25-EA Sports-College Football

Touchdown Celebrations

Adding to the swagger element of the game, users can now equip over 20 different touchdown celebrations.

It’s worth noting Colorado has their own exclusive celebration package that can’t be used by any other team.

The EA Sports team has been friendly in their treatment and evaluation of Colorado and this marks another example of that.

Turbo Hurry-Up

When players really need or want to push the pace, the turbo hurry-up option will get offensive players set faster than a typical no-huddle.

While this gives users a chance to catch the defense before they’re prepared, it will also use more energy and give users less time to decide on a play-call.

Special Abilities

Based on a variety of different archetypes, the top 100 players in the game will now have special abilities that grant them options not available for most.

An example is the Field General ability which gives certain high-awareness quarterbacks a chance of automatically identifying blitzers from the secondary before the ball is snapped.

Wear and Tear

A new wear and tear system ups the real-factor of CFB 25 by assigning stat reductions to players as they take hits in different areas of the body over the course of games and seasons.

While injuries have always existed in the college football games, this will add a layer to how they affect players and will give users another element to monitor while they play.

Coach Vision

The new coach vision window lets users see team composure, wear and tear, player matchups, and blocking schemes from a pre-play menu.

This grants more awareness to users and should enhance the control they can exert over the game.

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