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About Scoop Duck

Hey Duck fans, welcome to ScoopDuck. 

If you haven’t visited us before, welcome. If you have, you are likely returning for a reason.

Since its beginning, ScoopDuck has become the go-to place for Oregon football fanatics. Our blend of inside scoop and in-depth analysis quenches every thirst. 

My mission as the owner and publisher of ScoopDuck is to continue offering you the highest level of intel with an emphasis on accuracy.

I’ve personally been covering the Oregon market for over a decade and understand the inner workings of this program. 

Since our jump to the On3 Network, our memberships have exploded and we feel that’s only scratching the surface of our potential. With the expertise and resources provided by On3 we will continue to offer you the best value in the Oregon media market. 

Come for the football and recruiting, stay for all of our content featuring all Oregon athletics and much more. 

Thank you for supporting the work of our staff, contributors and interns here at ScoopDuck.