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Dan Lanning Talks Daylen Austin Situation, Previews Spring Game

On3 imageby:Justin Hopkins04/21/24

On Saturday Oregon held its third practice of this week. It was completely closed to the media as Oregon had its second scrimmage of the Spring.

Dan Lanning and others spoke about the scrimmage and talked about the upcoming Spring game next weekend. You can read most of Lanning’s comments below or watch the full video at the bottom.

Opening Remarks:

“Alright. Really great positive scrimmage for us from that standpoint. A lot of things to improve, but really physical out there. Saw some better execution at times. Offense did a good job moving the ball at times, but they also turned the ball over. Defense started off with a three and out, and they had some really good back and forth. I think they won both red area situations and two-minute situations there at the end. So some good back and forth throughout the scrimmage, some good physicality. With that, we can open it up.”

On Daylen Austin Situation:

“I have no updates right now. I know Daylen’s character, and I think there’s a lot of details that will continue to play out. Beyond that, I’m not going to speak on it any more than that.”

On Improvements:

“I think it was much more physical in this scrimmage, which is what you want to see. I know it’s always a fine line as a coach, you’re trying to decide whether to go out there and play two-hand touch, but that’s not football. We had a physical scrimmage today, and I think that showed up in the trenches. It showed up in our tackling and our blocking. So I think that was a real positive.”

On Team Effort:

“Well, I’d say our passion today was really good. There was great juice, but I think that passion became a weakness. We had more penalties today than we’ve had in our previous scrimmages, and it’s because of things that happened after the whistle. So we have got to be able to control that. We’re not going to be the team that beats ourselves. That’s something we had to improve on from last season. So we had some up-downs to remind us of that right after practice.”

On the Spring Game:

“I love having our fans out here. It’s hard to recreate a game-like atmosphere, but here at Autzen, we’re able to do that with our spring game, with the turnout we get. I expect a packed crowd, some people to come support Lane County and bring some non-perishable items that can get them into the game and take advantage of a great experience. There’s some other events going on around that with our concert and other pieces that will be involved. So I want the fans to have a great experience, and I want our players to have a feel of what it’s like on game day.”

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