Oregon Commits Predict Oregon-Washington Score

On3 imageby:Justin Hopkins10/09/23

There will be plenty of predictions this week. But one of my favorite was asking Oregon’s commits their thoughts on this weeks big game.

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While we didn’t get all of them, we got quite a few put together for you to read through. Below are their unedited responses to Sean, Jonathan and myself.

2024 Oregon Commit List

SAF Aaron Flowers: 31-28

Oregon. I feel like our defense can stop Washington’s high-powered offense because they haven’t been tested yet.

QB Luke Moga: 45-42

DUCKS. Two Heisman-caliber quarterbacks have their offenses rolling. Although both defenses are doing well, I think this becomes a battle of who scores last.

WR Dillon Gresham: 35-28

Oregon because both Oregon and Washington have dominant offenses. I think Oregon is going to get a clutch stop and capitalize off it late in the game.

OL Fox Crader: 34-28

UW’s defense won’t be able to stop Bo, Bucky and the O-Line. Penix and his offense are going to put up a fight but it won’t be enough. Both teams are amazing this year.

LB Brayden Platt: 38-35

I’m thinking 38-35 Oregon.

TE Kade Caton: 38-35

I think the score is going to be 38-35 Oregon. I think that cause Oregon and Washington both have very good offenses. Oregon’s defense is better but I think being at Washington is going to even that out.

DL Tionne Gray

With the way Oregon been playing with every game above 30 points and the defense only letting up no more then 10 points for the past 3 weeks, I feel like we have all the momentum to keep the streak and keep dominating. And I know UW been doing the same thing with their team. There’s only 2 outcomes for this game and that’s either pure domination (48-14) from Oregon or a dog fight between both (24-21).

LB Kamar Mothudi: 37-30

My prediction is 37-30 Oregon. This game comes down to who can limit the passing game which I believe Oregon will be able to do.

LB Dylan Williams: 35-18

I think Oregon has a great offense, Washington does as well. But I think Oregon’s defense will have a great game and hopefully come out victorious!

QB Michael Van Buren: 45-35

I would say 45-35. Both offenses put up a lot of points but I think Oregon will dig out the win late in the game.

TE AJ Pugliano: 45-31

Two of the best (if not the best) offenses in the country but I trust Oregon to just get a few more stops than Washington. Dan Lanning has got this defense to only allow one team to score more than 10 points so far this season. Time of possession and turnovers will be the difference-maker IMO.

TE Jackson Ford: 38-21

Oregon’s defense is really good this year and Washington has let up a lot more points this season. I think Oregon’s offense is very explosive in the pass game and run game. Washington hasn’t played a team nearly as good as Oregon yet.

WR Jack Ressler: 37-34

Incredibly explosive offenses and you would think the score would be even higher. But being two top-ten teams we’ll see more clutch defensive stops for this game.

RB Da’Jaun Riggs: 34-24

I think the score will be 34-24. And it’s going to be a good game, Washington is not a bad team so it’s going to be a battle but you know the Ducks coming on top!

DB Dakoda Fields: 38-34

My prediction is 38-34 Oregon. Even though I think Oregon’s defense is really good, I believe both offenses are also really good, leading to a shoot out. I think the game will come down to which defense can come up with the most stops, my guess is it will be Oregon.

EDGE Jaxson Jones: 42-34

Well honestly I think it’ll be a shoot out. But I think Oregon is gonna pull it off. I think we have the speed to match the UW receivers and but I don’t think their defense will have a easy time with our WR’s. I’m thinking a 42-34 type of win.

QB Akili Smith Jr: 42-35

I think it’ll be a pretty close game. High scoring because both of the offenses are very high power and score a lot of points. With that being said I think it’s going to be 42-35 Oregon in overtime.

OL Sandman Thompson: 31-18

Oregon, they’ve been looking very dominant on both sides of the ball. I think they will continue to dominate such as the previous weeks.

DL Tony Cumberland: 30-24 (Oregon)

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