Oregon's 2024 B1G Opponents by Recruiting Ranking

On3 imageby:Justin Hopkins12/26/23

Well guys and gals a new year is coming and we are going to have to change our way of thinking. Normally we look at recruiting rankings and compare them to USC, UCLA, Washington, everyone else in the Pac-12.

Well there ain’t no more Pac-12 folks. The only guaranteed opponent from that group for the Ducks every year is Washington. If you don’t remember the B1G scheduling rules, here they are as reminder.

“The 2024 Big Ten football season will debut the Flex Protect XVIII model, which features a combination of protected opponents and rotating opponents for universities. Each member institution will continue to play nine intraconference games per season, and teams will play every other conference opponent at least twice – once home and once away – and will play rotating opponents no more than three times in a five-year period.”

The Ducks have an interesting lineup in the debut season. Some new faces, some familiar faces, some old faces we haven’t seen in a while.

Here is a quick look at those schools and where they finished in the 2024 recruiting rankings. Of course that isn’t a definitive look at what to expect from those teams this season. However it gives us a bit of a barometer for what to expect.

I will not be including Oregon State as its not a member of the B1G.

Sept. 28 @ UCLA

Overall Ranking: 60

B1G Ranking: 16

Blue Chip Ratio: 18%

Class Score: 85.79

Oct. 5 Michigan State

Overall Ranking: 54

B1G Ranking: 15

Blue Chip Ratio: 5%

Class Score: 86.3

Oct. 12 Ohio State

Overall Ranking: 5

B1G Ranking: 2

Blue Chip Ratio: 70%

Class Score: 92.71

Oct. 19 @ Purdue

Overall Ranking: 33

B1G Ranking: 10

Blue Chip Ratio: 8%

Class Score: 87.76

Oct. 26 Illinois

Overall Ranking: 41

B1G Ranking: 13

Blue Chip Ratio: 5%

Class Score: 86.93

Nov. 2 @ Michigan

Overall Ranking: 17

B1G Ranking: 4

Blue Chip Ratio: 56%

Class Score: 91.10

Nov. 9 Maryland

Overall Ranking: 46

B1G Ranking: 14

Blue Chip Ratio: 5%

Class Score: 86.60

Nov. 16 @ Wisconsin

Overall Ranking: 23

B1G Ranking: 7

Blue Chip Ratio: 36%

Class Score: 89.37

Nov. 30 Washington

Overall Ranking: 30

B1G Ranking: 9

Blue Chip Ratio: 38%

Class Score: 88.26

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