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Three Games I'm Most Excited For This Season

On3 imageby:Justin Hopkins07/09/24

We’re in a bit of a ‘slow spot’ for news right now. Although there has been plenty of July fireworks for Duck fans and a few more might be coming our way.

The good news is every day the transition to football discussions inches closer. We’ll have Fall camp before you know it and soon after, we’ll all be back in Autzen watching Oregon with new uniforms and new B1G logos everywhere.

With the new conference brings new opponents. Like many of you, I’m saddened to see the Pac-12 go, but also excited to see the new conference forge new rivalries of its own.

Now before I get started, one asterisk to this list. Look, every one on planet earth can’t wait for Oct. 12 in Eugene when the Ducks host Ohio State. It’s going to be one of the most exciting games of the college football season. Ticket prices are insane, there are no rooms in the hotels or Airbnb’s, it’s going to be a wild weekend.

With that in mind, here are my three ‘other’ three games this season I’m most excited for.

3. Boise State @ Oregon – Sept. 7

Probably not a game you expected to see on this list. But here’s why. For starters, beating up on Boise State would be some nice payback. It feels like the Ducks owe them one, or two. But really it’s going to be a tougher-than-expected game. They’ll be a good team and should win the MWC. Which should get them into the playoffs. So really if Oregon can win here, we get a good sense of how good this team is early and it would be a quality win under its belt.

Lastly, Autzen in September is pretty epic. The weather is usually somewhere between 84-90 degrees at this time. It can make for a real fun day tailgaiting, especially if the Ducks win.

2. Oregon @ Michigan – Nov. 2

The return to the ‘Big House’ in early November. Hopefully mother nature cooperates and it’s just cold, not cold and snowy. This will be another game that likely draws a lot of national attention. Michigan will have revenge on its mind but also brings a lot of questions. They won’t be as good as they were last year in all likelihood. So the real question is how big of a drop off will we see with this squad? You’ll never take them lightly for sure and it is a road game for the Ducks.

This is also a game that can set the table for Oregon. They’ll have Maryland, then Wisconsin left along with my #1 game.

1.Washington @ Oregon – Nov. 30

There are too many reasons to list this as No. 1 but I’ll name a few. The last regular season game of the year and Oregon should be looking to finish strong and hopefully be in the mix for a playoff spot. I know traditionally Oregon has finished with the Civil War but times have changed. If a change was inevitable, this is easily the best replacement opponent in what is really viewed as more of a rivalry.

Lastly, vengeance for Lanning. Washington won’t be very good this year. In fact I’m not sure they’ll even win 6 games. This is a chance for Lanning to get the monkey off his back and beat Washington once and for all. Go ahead Dan, run it up.

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