Where do Penn State's top 2024 prospects rank in the updated On300?

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Penn State has no shortage of top prospects inside the latest On300 for the Class of 2024. Following Monday’s release, the Nittany Lions have already hosted more than 50 players who made the cut. The list includes future Penn State offensive lineman Cooper Cousins. The Erie, Pa., native comes in at No. 271 in the latest update.

The top of the list features a few notable changes. Washington, D.C., native and five-star edge rusher Dylan Stewart is now the top-ranked player in the nation. Avon Old Farms edge rusher Benedict Umeh also made a massive move, going from unranked to No. 24 in the nation. Umeh is expected to visit Penn State this spring.

A few other prospects who made major moves include QB Luke Kromenhoek, CB Jon Mitchell, OL Ethan Calloway and DE Darien Mayo. Just like Umeh, both Kromenhoek and Mayo were previously outside the On300. Kromenhoek climbed to No. 59 nationally, while Mayo is up to No. 92. Mitchell climbed 156 spots to No. 61 nationally, while Calloway climbed over 50 spots to No. 71.

You’ll also find multiple Penn State prospects who made major moves between 101 and 200. Offensive lineman Kevin Heywood was one of those players, climbing 64 spots to No. 119 nationally. WR Chance Robinson from Florida also climbed more than 50 spots, ending up at No. 150 overall. OL Deontae Armstrong, DE Mylachi Williams and OL Nyier Daniels also made significant moves. Williams and Daniels were both previously outside the On300. Armstrong climbed 75 spots to No. 194.

Nittany Lion fans can check out the complete On300 here. Below is the list of Penn State’s top targets.

PSU’s top 2024 prospects in updated On300

1) DE Dylan Stewart (Up from No. 5)
11) CB Aaron Scott (Up from No. 19)
12) WR Mylan Graham (Up from No. 17)
24 DE Benedict Umeh (Previously unranked)
27) OL Brandon Baker (Up from No. 76)
30) OL Guerby Lambert (Down from No. 13)
31) TE Jaden Reddell (Up from No. 34)
36) OL Jordan Seaton (Down from No. 18)
38) TE Caleb Odom (Up from No. 118)
53) RB Jordan Lyle (Up from No. 98)
57) OL Liam Andrews (Down from No. 41)
58) Saf. Vaboue Toure (Up from No. 79)
59) QB Luke Kromenhoek (Previously unranked)
61) CB Jon Mitchell (Up from No. 217)
71) OL Ethan Calloway (Up from No. 126)
74) WR Ryan Wingo (Down from No. 31)
78) TE Brady Prieskorn (Down from No. 54)
79) RB Jordan Marshall (Down from No. 45)
81) CB Bryce West (Down from No. 29)
82) DL Nigel Smith III (Down from No. 77)
92) DE Darien Mayo (Previously unranked)
99) Ath. Quinton Martin (Down from No. 73)

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100) Saf. Jaylen McClain (Down from No. 99)
101) Ath. Aaron Butler (Up from No. 130)
102) TE Carter Nelson (Up from No. 109)
105) QB Jadyn Davis (Down from No. 67)
106) DL Jordan Thomas (Down from No. 100)
107) LB Gabriel Williams (Down from No. 81)
114) CB Mario Buford (Down from No. 52)
118) DL T.A. Cunningham (Down from No. 48)
119) OL Kevin Heywood (Up from No. 183)
129) DE DD Holmes (Up from No. 142)
134) WR Keylen Adams (Down from No. 120)
150) WR Chance Robinson (Up from No. 203)
151) DE Caden Brown (Down from No. 108)
163) QB Elijah Brown (Down from No. 134)
175) DE Brian Robinson (Up from No. 177)
182) DL Ernest Willor (Down from No. 173)
189) RB Dilin Jones (Down from No. 105)
194) OL Deontae Armstrong (Up from No. 269)
195) DE Mylachi Williams (Previously unranked)
199) OL Nyier Daniels (Previously unranked)

206) LB Kris Jones (Down from No. 110)
207) WR Micah Gilbert (Previously unranked)
209) OL Max Anderson (Down from No. 151)
214) DE Dylan Stephenson (Down from No. 106)
215) OL Styles Prescod (Up from No. 266)
217) WR Tyseer Denmark (Down from No. 144)
220) CB Terhyon Nichols (Down from No. 206)
233) LB Aaron Chiles (Down from No. 113)
240) Ath. Josiah Brown (Down from No. 50)
241) QB Samaj Jones (Up from No. 251)
242) DL Hevin Brown-Shuler (Up from No. 246)
247) OL Devontae Armstrong (Up from No. 299)
255) WR Jerrae Hawkins (Down from No. 191)
266) WR Tae Johnson (Down from No. 160)
271) OL Cooper Cousins (Down from No. 219)
275) OL Blake Frazier (Down from No. 157)
278) WR Emanuel Ross (Down from No. 214)
279) CB Braydon Lee (Down from No. 88)
285) WR Jaylan Hornsby (Down from No. 240)
291) WR Terrance Moore (Previously unranked)
293) Saf. Kahmir Prescott (Down from No. 186)
297) QB Michael Van Buren (Down from No. 202)

Dropped Out: QB Jayden Bradford, RB Duke Watson, LB William Love, DE Jacob Smith, DL Brandon Davis-Swain, LB Davhon Keys, Saf. Kaj Sanders, WR DayDay Farmer, RB Anthony Carrie, DE Jaylen Harvey, QB Anthony Maddox, OL William Satterwhite, DE Dominic Nichols, RB DeJuan Williams

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