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AlanKarpick Saturday Simulcast: April 27, 2024’s Purdue men’s basketball beat writer Brian Neubert talks with host Alan Karpick about various basketball topics, including the transfer portal environment, Purdue’s transition to 2024-25, and even a little Teddy Ruxpin chat. It’s a lively 41 minutes.

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So, lately, every year Purdue has had a player absolutely blow up between one season and the next. Two seasons ago, Zach Edey; last year, Braden Smith.

Tough acts to follow, for sure, and I am in no way suggesting Purdue will have another All-American pop up suddenly this off-season. But I also wouldn’t rule it out.

Who? Well, that’s an interesting question, because Year 1-to-2 improvement from Myles Colvin and Camden Heide will make them interesting, as will Fletcher Loyer as Purdue has to scheme to get him opportunities every single game.

But the obvious choice here is Trey Kaufman-Renn, who already kinda blew up last summer but now gets more of a chance to apply it.

Post-Touch Guy at Purdue has become one of the plum jobs in all of college basketball, kind of like being Lincoln Riley’s quarterback these days. At least in terms of college productivity.

Kaufman-Renn is now that guy, sure to double if not triple his offensive touches, play enough for his rebounding to really show up even more, but also to grow through experience and the mistakes that may come with responsibility. He’ll have a great point guard to work with.

One of the reasons Purdue’s got this lineage of great bigs going is because it throws them out there, gives them the ball and forces them to improve through responsibility. Kaufman-Renn isn’t a kid anymore, but this will be his first time at Purdue being more of a centerpiece than just a piece. It’ll put an onus on his passing and decision-making unlike any test he’s gotten in college.

The great news for Purdue is that Kaufman-Renn is wired for this. He’s as intelligent and complete a person as I’ve been around in a college player, but also manic in his work ethic, the common denominator with some of these incredible players Purdue has had before. Kaufman-Renn was good this season, but capable of more, and he clearly knows it and will carry that knowledge with him all summer as his big opportunity — postponed a year ago by Edey’s return — awaits.

He’s in for big things.

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