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LaNorris Sellers shares what's different for him this spring

UVA BIO PICby:Mike Uva04/19/24


QB LaNorris Sellers spring football press conference | South Carolina

It’s been just over a year since LaNorris Sellers enrolled into South Carolina ahead of 2023 spring practices. With a season of college football under his belt, he’s already noticing a big difference in his game this spring.

“I understand the system now. Last year, I was pretty much learning it on the fly,” admitted Sellers. “This year, I actually understand the process of the system, why plays happen the way they do, and why routes are there. It just came a lot slower to me (last year).”

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With Spencer Rattler gone, Sellers is competing to be the new starting quarterback for Gamecocks this season. With that, he’s felt a new sense of urgency in the quarterback room from offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains.

“He’s more intense this year. Like last year, he was intense too, but this year he has an edge about him. I love DLo, I love his coaching, I always have. Stand up, funny guy who’ll be honest with you all the time… I just feel like he’s more intense — more attention to detail with everybody in the room rather. Spencer knew his stuff last year so he didn’t really have to tell him much but this year it’s more telling and coaching everybody differently based on their strengths.”

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When you play quarterback, naturally, a lot of eyeballs will be placed on you. That will certainly be the case for Sellers on Saturday, who is well aware of that spotlight. Statistics aside, the redshirt freshman was candid that there’s no a secret what he needs to do in order to have a good spring game.

“Taking care of the ball is the biggest thing. Getting the ball up and down the field and scoring, honestly. You’re judged on how many times you get the ball into the end zone so as long as we move the ball and protect it, I think it’ll be a pretty good spring game.”

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