Gamecocks look to supplement roster numbers at two positions via transfer portal

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Wes Mitchell

Shane Beamer provides update on South Carolina football through 12 spring practices - 4/16/24

The spring transfer portal window shouldn’t be nearly as hectic for South Carolina as the winter portal bonanza when the Gamecocks added 17 new players and saw 21 exit the program.

But that doesn’t mean South Carolina won’t use the spring to supplement its roster if the right players are available and interested.

“Yeah, I think always with the portal being open, you have to look at how you can make your team better,” head coach Shane Beamer said Tuesday. “And that’s my job as the head coach. If there’s someone that fits what we’re about on the field and off the field, it’s my job as the head coach to try and get them in here into our program.”

South Carolina Transfer Portal Resources:

Roster management in the portal era can be tricky and for the most part it appears the Gamecocks will carry their current roster into the 2024 season, assuming there aren’t any major exits in the next two weeks.

But South Carolina, like most programs, will likely lose a player or two who doesn’t project to play. Simultaneously, Beamer would like to add a player or two at a couple of positions that currently lack the target number of bodies.

“Offensive line right now, based on the target number of guys that we would like to have on scholarship, we’re a couple under,” Beamer said. “Wide receiver right now, we’re a couple under. There’s some positions that we might be over, but certainly from a depth standpoint, being able to practice, have your full arsenal, receiver and offensive line are two positions. Not that I’m saying we need to get better, but just from a depth standpoint, being able to practice, have a two deep, guys on scholarship, those are positions that just we’re not where we want to be as far as the minimum number of guys that we have on scholarship.”

GamecockCentral has already identified a few wide receiver targets to keep an eye on in its Transfer Portal Target Watchlist and new names as well as names of offensive linemen will surely emerge soon.

There is also always the chance that a player pops up who is interested in South Carolina and simply too good to turn down.

But for the most part, it appears the Gamecocks will be focused on those two positions during this portal cycle.

“Doesn’t mean that we’re in trouble if we don’t add people there,” Beamer said. “But those would be a couple spots that we’re looking at just from a depth standpoint for sure.”

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