South Carolina women's basketball: Back in Ohio - Bree Hall gets a Final Four homecoming

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Dawn Staley, Tessa Johnson, Ashlyn Watkins; South Carolina women's basketball advances to Final Four

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This year’s Final Four is in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s about three hours from Dayton, where Bree Hall grew up, so it’s not exactly home. But it’s close enough to call it a homecoming.

That means family and friends get to see Hall play. She isn’t sure how many family members will be there, but knows it will be “a lot.”

“I’m super excited,” Hall said. “I can’t wait to be able to play in front of my family.”

Hall has never really been to Cleveland, but her sister Brooklyn attends Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio, about 30 minutes south of downtown Cleveland. Does that mean Brooklyn gets to be the tour guide?

“Maybe something like that,” Hall said. “I told her that’s over there in your region.”

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Brooklyn and her teammates are attending the Final Four as a team, so getting to see South Carolina is a bonus. It’s also a bonus for Bree, who was an important player the past two times South Carolina made the Final Four, but this time she feels like it’s her team.

“I’m so proud of my team,” she said. “It feels a little bit more different because nobody expected us to be here.”

That included the Gamecocks. Hall recalled the moment she knew the Gamecocks could make a return trip to the Final Four, and it came about as far from home as possible/

“We thought we were gonna be like top 10, maybe even 15. Somewhere in there,” Hall said. “Then we went out there against Notre Dame and it was like, Whoa, we’re good. We can do this. That’s literally when we went into the locker room at halftime, we’re like, wait a minute, guys. We’re good.”

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