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What did former South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier say about NIL?

On3 imageby:Chris Clark05/16/24

Steve Spurrier finished his coaching career at South Carolina before the era of name, image, and likeness (NIL) took hold in college athletics.

The Head Ball coach has made comments in the past as to how he would handle NIL if he were still coaching. He has some new thoughts in the midst of national conversations around the subject.

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“I think they’ve got to come up with a budget. The Power Five teams, you’ve got $30 million to spend on your team and that’s it,” Spurrier said during an appearance on WDAE. “If you want to give it all to a quarterback, that’s your business. But put a limit and let them spread it out and go from there.”

Among the items being discussed in college athletics are revenue sharing, NIL spending camps, and collective bargaining between institutions, conferences, and student-athletes.

“It’ll help even out things a little bit as far as getting recruiting back into the game,” Spurrier explained. “Right now it’s just whoever’s going to pay the most money, and that’s not the way that it should be. And, actually those teams that pay the most money don’t win all the time anyway.”

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Spurrier was known for sending barbs toward other programs during his illustrious career. While he stopped short of firing a shot at any particular team in his recent remarks, he did point out that some schools with big budgets have not been among the elite as of late.

“I think Texas A&M, Miami, and Southern Cal have been three of the biggest spenders here in the last couple years or so but they have not won big,” Spurrier said. “You’ve still got to have good attitude, good teamwork, and players playing for each other out there.”

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