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Inside the Trojans' Huddle: Another USC recruiting miss, Big Ten upsets and Ten Questions

Erik-McKinneyby:Erik McKinney07/09/24


Inside the Trojans' Huddle: Another USC recruiting miss, Big Ten upsets and Ten Questions

On this episode of Inside the Trojans’ Huddle, the WeAreSC panel discusses a recent shot from the Oklahoma AD, another USC recruiting miss, what makes a blue blood, the Trojans’ receivers, and upset alert games. Plus, they play Arledge’s Ten Questions.

OU athletic director delivers message to Lincoln Riley

The panel delivers thoughts on the Oklahoma athletic director saying the Sooners’ coaches who weren’t excited about the move to the SEC aren’t at the school anymore.

USC misses on Riley Pettijohn

Lincoln Riley and the Trojans came close but couldn’t get a commitment from big-time linebacker Riley Pettijohn, who pledged to Ohio State. What does that mean for the Trojans?

Blue Bloods

What makes a school a blue blood? How many are there? How many are on the cusp? And what to make of the Oregon claims?

USC wide receivers and tight ends

Big Ten upset alerts

Looking down the road at the Big Ten’s biggest players, what games look like potential trap games and upset alerts?

Arledge’s Ten Questions

1. Who is the top cult hero USC player (the guy who wouldn’t be a household name to most fans but has a special place in hearts of longtime USC fans)?

2. What is the greatest linebacker duo in USC history?

    3. What is the most disappointing film in a classic film franchise?

    4. Since this is debate season, we need a college football debate. Who are the participants and what is the topic?

    5. What are the top 3 rivalries in college football?

    6. Yes or no: USC is set up for success this year as well as it was set up for success in 2002 (Pete’s second year).

    7. What is the best Olympic sport?

    8. Yes or no: performance enhancing drugs should be promoted or even required at the professional level.

    9. What is the lamest college football tradition

    10. Independence Day question: What makes America great? You have 20 seconds.  

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