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Inside the Trojans' Huddle: USC's recruiting weekend, QB discussion and Ten Questions

Erik-McKinneyby:Erik McKinney06/11/24


Inside the Trojans' Huddle: USC's huge recruiting weekend, QB discussion, Ten Questions

In this episode of Inside the Trojans’ Huddle, the WeAreSC panel discusses USC’s huge recruiting weekend, talks NIL and revenue sharing, breaks down the quarterback position for the Trojans and plays Arledge’s Ten Questions.

USC’s huge recruiting weekend

The USC Trojans hosted 19 official visitors over the weekend. The list included some major targets and multiple five-star prospects, including quarterback commit Julian Lewis. The panel looks at who visited and the fallout so far.

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NIL discussion

The panel discusses comments from Nebraska athletic director Troy Dannen made in April that recently became public: “There will be an antitrust settlement this year in the courts. Part of the antitrust settlement, 1890 (Nebraska’s collective) is going to get banned. The collectives are going to go away. What’s going to be replaced is athletic departments, revenue sharing with our athletes. In the budget of our athletic department right now, we have a $20 million placeholder in two years to share money with our athletes. It’s in the budget right now. There’s three schools in the country, I think, that have that in their budget right now: Georgia, Texas and us…”We’ve got great advantages here. We don’t have debt; we have great reserves, we have a fan base, facilities, we have great advantages to addressing what lies ahead. Let’s talk about what happens in the next two years. NIL’s not coming in-house, it’s going to be replaced by something else. At Washington, our football program last year had an NIL budget of about $10 million and went to the national championship game. Oregon’s is 23; Ohio State’s is 23. Ours here is not even 10.”

USC quarterback position

The panel gives their thoughts on the Trojans’ quarterback position — the first of what will be a weekly discussion on each position group for USC.

Arledge’s Ten Questions

1. Who is the most important recruit to visit USC this past weekend?

2. What Big 10 fan base are you most excited to hang out with?

3. What Big 10 fan base do you want nothing to do with?

4. What’s the coolest car in a movie or television series?

5. What’s a movie sequel that needs to get made?

6. Which position group are you most concerned about in the coming seasons?

7. Which position group are you least concerned about?

8. What’s the dumbest Big 10 mascot?

9. You have to take your chances with one of the following: a great white shark attack or a salt water crocodile attack. Choose.

10. Who are the three best USC quarterbacks of all time, in order.

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