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Brent Venables feeling 'really good' about the state of Oklahoma's offensive line

IMG_0985by:Griffin McVeigh06/10/24


As Oklahoma and Texas move into the SEC, many want to know how the two teams stack up at the line of scrimmage. Especially the Sooners at the offensive line, potentially being the team’s biggest outside question heading into the 2024 season. Head coach Brent Venables is putting out a completely new five out there, mixing between NCAA transfer portal imports and former depth players stepping up.

A program known for producing at offensive line, Venables is trusting in position coach Bill Bedenbaugh in a big way. Some development needs to take place before the Aug. 30 season opener against Temple but Venables likes the group of guys he has in front of him, at least on paper.

“We got a lot of experience,” Venables said at the SEC Spring Meetings in Destin. “I feel really, really good. We got great leadership there. We got really good ability there as well. I believe in the players and I believe in Coach Bedenbaugh and the rest of the offensive staff to develop the chemistry and continuity and the understanding and the fundamentals and the techniques with those guys. So, I like that group of guys.”

“Potential” is a word Venables used with the offensive line. At least three projected starters are expected to come out of the transfer portal this offseason. Jacob Sexton, a recruit originally signed under Lincoln Riley, figures to slot in at left tackle.

Making sure unfamiliar faces become familiar with each other this summer is where Venables believes the potential can be fulfilled.

“I think that’s a group that has tremendous potential,” Venables said. “Now, our commitment has got to be bigger than the potential. For us to have a good season, we’ve got to have a good summer. I’m excited about that because I like the people.”

With Jackson Arnold taking over at quarterback, Oklahoma’s biggest offensive key will be keeping the quarterback clean. Another area Venables has to believe there is a lot of potential, Arnold’s success will determine how the Sooners perform in 2024.

SEC or no SEC, there is no better way to help out a first-year starter than keeping opposing defensive lines away from him. Oklahoma has plenty of tools out the outside for Arnold to throw to, he just needs time to deliver.

Venables feels good about where the offensive line stands, even if he admits there is still some work to do.